Welcome to the New Age

Agendas Part Four

Ghost of a Chance

February 25, 25NA

Once de-cursed, Bruce Courdry helps the Heralds to piece together events leading up to his troubles.  The trail leads to the home of James and Susan Anderson, friends of the Mayor from the days before the new age.

The party confronts Susan in her sitting room, and she flees to the basement crying out that the party "won't take him".  After her death, the party is shown a spectral confrontation between James Anderson and an unseen opponent, ending in his apparent death.  

The vision shows the party the location of a secret door, one that they trigger a trap on before discovering a hidden basement behind it.  Nancy Healy seems to be chained to the far wall and warn the party off, but as they proceed, the ghost of James Healy attacks them, proving to be vulnerable to Gareth's smite.

"Nancy" proves to be the shape-changing offspring of James and Susan Anderson — one with murderous intent.  The strange "doppelgänger" is taken prisoner leaving the unanswered question: Where is Nancy Healy?


It’s such a shame that there are important things to do (like finding mom), because this thing is fascinating. I wonder if it’s shape-shifting is some sort of biological function or if it is magical in nature…

Agendas Part Four

There was a shapechanger at the center of it all, after all. In the basement under the Anderson’s home, we found the wretched (man?) in a secret room. James was found, long dead, and will hopefully be laid to rest and freed from the bonds keeping him here. Susan died protecting her offspring – standing between her son and the consequences of his actions.

I wonder how long she had been protecting him, how long he had been causing trouble, how many lies she told to prevent the truth from being revealed.

And I wonder how long he has been impersonating Mother – when was the last time she was even in Grayson? How many secrets did I tell him thinking it was her?

How could I even fall for it – the person I know better than almost anyone, how could I not tell it wasn’t her?

Agendas Part Four

“Some talking with the mayor led us to believe that the curse may have been laid on an item given to him by Susan Anderson, one of the houses near where we lost Nan Healy’s trail. We decided to go question the Andersons, and Susan reacted badly to Gareth trying to cast a spell.

She ran to the basement, where she eventually died to a spell cast by Gareth. We found a secret door and a spirit appeared that looked like James. We opened the door, after setting off a dart trap, and were attacked by the spirit as we approached Nan Healy. She attacked Desmond and shifted to a large man that looked somewhat like James. We knocked it out and sought out the mayor and Grumbar who decided to take him into custody."

Agendas Part Four

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