Welcome to the New Age

Agendas part three

February 24-25, 25NA

Things begin to get worse as Nancy Healy is nowhere to be found and Mayor Bruce Courdry's actions become more and more erratic.  The mayor even threatens Aideen and Desmond with a crossbow.

During the groups overnight rest, they send Mrs. Finnegan, Baldric, and Isabel to stay overnight at the Highwayman's Rest and keep watch together in their own sitting room.  Desmond, Iliken, and Declan all receive visitations in their dreams, though Desmond's is circumvented by his patron.

Iliken is warned by Black Mantle that the mayor is definitely acting out of character, as she had expected him to push harder against the new guild.  Declan is warned that his actions have cost the lives of four men, and that there will be a redress of the matter.

In the morning, the body of Isabel is found in Declan's bed with the number 1 carved into it.

The group summons the Constable who asks them to let his people handle this situation.

The group next travels to meet with council members, starting with Grumbar Brightaxe, whom they convince without meaning to, that the mayor needs intervention.  Grumbar discovers and dispels a curse on Bruce Courdry.


Isabel was killed, apparently as a response to Declan’s actions after I was attacked. They’ve gone after our people, and supposedly there will be more.

Mother is still missing, and we made a bargain with Red to attempt to get some sort of useful information about it.

The mayor, thankfully, has had his curse removed, but not before several angry conversations and a crossbow in my face. And not, of course, before he and my mother fought, he hit her, and she checked out of her room at the inn.

I just hope he remembers what happened while under the effect of the curse – maybe he’ll be able to tell us something useful. And maybe he’ll be able to fix this mess.

Agendas part three

" We spent the rest of the day looking for the Healy’s mother who had disappeared the night before. We ended up asking red if his boss was involved and where we could talk to them, but he implied we wouldn’t have to look for them.

His warning turned out to be true when black mantle visited some of us in our dreams. She told me that the mayor had been acting out of character and that she’d expected him to put up more of a fight about the Porters Guild. She also told Declan that there would be consequences for the four men he had killed I know it happened next would be on him. In the morning we found that Isabel had disappeared from the in and was found dead with the number one in her forehead. After calling the constable who asked that we let him deal with it, we decided to visit the council members and Friends of the mayor to see what they thought about his actions recently.

We started with Grumbar Brightaxe, the dwarven cleric outside the town. After our conversation he went into town straight to the mayor’s house and demanded he came out. He told us to hold him down and cast some sort of magic causing the mayor to vomit up worms that seemed to be the form of a curse cast upon him."

Agendas part three

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