Welcome to the New Age

Agendas part two

Monday Night Smackdown

February 23-24, 25NA

The plot thickens as Red Simpson attempts to turn Aideen away from interfering in the Black Mantle's business.  Aideen has already partially taken steps to bring matters into the open, however and paints a target on herself.

The next morning, Gareth goes to the tower to request some special items.  Desmond attempts to reason with the halfings and then mayor, neither meeting bears fruit.  Aideen is met at her shop by several thugs who proceed to beat her unconscious.

Desmond finds Aideen and brings her home for treatment.  The Heralds split up, with Gareth and a recovered Aideen looking Bruce Courdry while Iliken, Declan, and Desmond hunt down the thugs that beat up Aideen.

Mayor Courdry is found at the "Highwayman's Rest" and the conversation with him reveals that Nancy Healy is missing.

The other half of the group tracks their enemies to "The Homely Sheep" and picks a fight that does not go as smoothly as they might have hoped.  Declan's magic leaves four men dead, and Iliken is forced to carry the unconscious forms of Declan and Desmond to safety.


Today, I was a failure.

I misjudged, misstepped. I underestimated and overestimated those around me, and most painfully, myself.

I thought Bruce and my mother would be able to overcome this. I thought they would be reasonable, and understand and listen to each other, that they would be able to treat each other with kindness.

I thought I made the right choice, prompting him to ask that specific question, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe they would have been fine, and he would have heard the truth when they were both ready for it.

Now he’s in a stupor, and I want to hurt him as badly as he hurt my mother. Even as I’m furious with him, part of me is just as angry at her, and part of me just wants to understand what went wrong, how two people who loved and respected each other could turn on each other. But she’s missing, and I have the most horrible feeling I know where she is, or at least who she’s with. After all, she broke the terms of her agreement – because I couldn’t let it go.

I let my temper get the best of me, sent Red back with a message to his mistress, letting her know that I wasn’t going to back down. I hoped she would see the value in working with us, in maybe coming off looking like the good guy, the reasonable one.

I was wrong.

She wasn’t reasonable, she sent her dogs after me. I let my guard down, and assumed I was safe. I assumed that she wouldn’t be so obvious.

So, so wrong.

I didn’t expect my brother and the rest of the heralds to take the attack on me so personally, to go charging off and get themselves almost killed to take out the thugs who attacked me in my shop. The note said “QUIT.”

I thought I could handle this all myself, that I could take charge and make decisions. I thought if I did it cleanly and cleverly, that I could make everyone at least mostly happy, and no one would have to get hurt. I thought I could arrange it so that everyone got enough of what they wanted, and I was foolish enough to think I could do it on my own. I don’t know why I’m so angry with my mother, I’m just as much a fool as she is.

Sometimes, a piece of wood will have a bad spot, and with patience and skill you can make the finished piece more beautiful because of it. Sometimes, the tools will strike just the wrong way, and the piece will break, even if there was no obvious flaw.

Today, people were damaged because I was not skilled enough.

Today, I failed.

Agendas part two

“Desmond brought Aideen back from her shop, and she had been beaten unconscious. He found a note on her that said quit. I took the Doug and headed to her shop to see if we could follow the trail of those who attacked her. Declan came with me and Desmond followed soon after.

The trail brought us to the homely sheep where we identified two men Aideen attacked. We got into a fight with them when Declan launched a bolt of lightning at their leader. He killed four of theirs before falling unconscious, and Desmond soon followed. I knocked out the leader and broke his leg before pulling the other two out out the tavern and back to our house."

Agendas part two

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