Welcome to the New Age

Alien part Three

Punting on the Green

March 3-4, 25NA

After taking a rest in Quill's hideout (aka the Lincolm Memorial), the rescue mission for both Declan and Nancy Healy is underway.  An approach in the rowboat unfortunately does not go unnoticed and the party faces fierce defenders upon the roof of the Smithsonian.  After dealing with the githyanki on the roof, the party takes their weapons, including one of the curious silver greatswords.  

Exploring the upper floor chambers they discover that something has emptied the water out of the building, a clue to this is discovered when they discover a large beetle working to repair the displays with an amber-like resin.  The remnants of Old Age knowledge and history are mostly intact, though a glimpse of the ground floor suggests it is in worse shape.

Following the faint sounds of moaning, the party finds a chamber that might have prisoners in it, but also encounters another patrol of Githyanki and an Illithid!

Iliken finds himself strangely vulnerable to the powers of the Ilithid during the ensuing fight and is turned against group making the fight that much more difficult.  During the combat, Declan stumbles out of the room and helps the group finish off the creatures, leaving them all together but winded…


I shudder to think of what those monsters did to him, but he’s alive, we have him back.

I’ve been trying my best to remember everything anyone said about who our father is, or where we might find him. But as curious as I am about it, I wish Declan had been there to hear it first hand. He’s always been better at putting those clues together than I am.

Hopefully, we will have a moment to retire to Quill’s hideout (or at least somewhere safe) and I can get him to repeat everything to Declan. I’m terrified I’ll forget to mention some detail, and we’ll be hurt again because of it.

I definitely won’t forget to mention that everyone agrees that we need to be cautious in our inquiries, though.

Whoever our father is, he’s dangerous, and the people surrounding him and seeking him are likely to be just as frightful.

Alien part Three


This is what shame is.

But I’m safe now. I don’t need to tell them all what happened.

I do t think I could.

Alien part Three

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