Welcome to the New Age

Alien part Four


March 4-5, 25NA

Declan Healy is rescued.  The party's resources were stretched thin in the attempt and they withdraw to recover, leaving behind two men being experimented on by the Illithid.

They returned the next day to find the building was cleared of obvious threats.  The men left behind were missing and the ground floor seemed to have been scrubbed clean.  As the exploration continued, the party encounters three nearly invisible gelatinous creatures that attempt to "clean up" the group.

After the oozes are dealt with, the party discovers the expected secret basement.  It takes teamwork to get the Old Age lock open, but below are offices full of papers, a computer, some sort of generator, and one of the Illithid power sources.

Contact with the sealed door to the generator creates strange reactions among the party.  

And when the power source was applied to the computer… Secrets were revealed…


My soul sang. Whatever it was behind that door, even with the barest of touches, it woke something in me. It was as if something in my blood was reminded of its true nature. When I took my hand away, I felt a little disappointment that the song quieted. At the same time, there was a rush of exhilaration – I felt more in home in my skin than I ever had before. I looked at Declan, so glad that we had been able to talk him into coming back to the museum, bubbling over with joy that he was here to experience this with me.

After he touched the door with his finger, and came away with a talon, the others started pulling us away. But I couldn’t stop myself – I put my pinky to the door. I needed to hear another refrain of the song, I was delighted in the experiment, and fascinated by the results. It felt as if there was something waiting to be unlocked within me, and the key was waiting behind that door. It was enormously difficult to walk away.

We finally turned, though, and went back to exploring the basement under the museum. Even without the mysterious door, it was full of wonders. There was a room fulll of paper goods and small supplies (even the toilet paper that the old-timers say they miss so much). There was a stack of old tales (with a note saying that they might be survival books).

And there was, to Declan’s and my own delight, four leather-bound journals written in the language we used to think was our own. It was a reckoning of someone’s travels, someone who could not only speak our language, but could write it. Even though we knew we couldn’t take the time to go through them right then and there, it was hard to let the others take them out of our hands, even if they would be safer in the bag of holding with everything else.

Thoughts of the journals were driven out of our heads soon, though, when the group found a way to power up one of the screens. There was a man – Argentium – speaking in our language. He was issuing a warning to someone. And maybe, just maybe, he knew (or knows?) some of what Declan and I have wondered about all our lives. As I watched in rapt attention, I reached for my brother’s new talon with my own. We were the closest we had ever been to those answers, and I knew we were united in our quest to find them.

Alien part Four



That is the only way I can describe the song. It was glorious. It was terrifying. It was eternal. It was fleeting.

If that feeling after we vanquished Skadi was the appetizer, I’m ready for the main course.

I haven’t cried in a long time. This is almost enough to make me forget.

Alien part Four

“There was some sort of giant fish in a tank that spoke in our minds. It said it could read minds as well, which is why it believed it had been left behind. It told us the illithid had left in a hurry, taking a woman who matches the Healy’s memory of their mother. It also told us they were trying to get into the basement.

As we moved to check the entrance we were attacked by nearly invisible cubes that seemed to melt flesh and bone. After we dealt with the three of them the rest of the group dealt with opening the old world lock I searched the part of the room where we found a brick that reminded Desmond of the stone he grabbed in France.

In the basement we found supplies from from the old world, a room of screens, and a strange door. When I approached the door it made me think of the cold of the mountain, but the two Healys reacted differently with scales growing where they approached the door and nails turning into claws. We left the door and found a box that we put the brick into that powered the screens.

The screen showed a bunch of folders that showed info about a project arrowhead and interviews with a man who spoke the language that the Healys know."

Alien part Four

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