Welcome to the New Age

Atlantis, part one

March 1-5, 26NA

The return of Grumbar leads the party to believe that there is trouble brewing with the Illithids on Atlantis.  They start their path to investigate.  The good ship, Harold, captained by Matilda Swain, will take them nearly to the island.  Chet Chummyhands and Beck will then take the party on a launch into one of large caves Gareth had seen.

In the dark tunnel the party is attacked by huge tentacled frog beasts, but get the better of the beasts after one swallowed Ta'Losh…


He’s lost his faith, utterly, completely. I tried to use Her gifts to help him, and he looked at me with anger and brushed the attempt aside.

I had prayed that I would be able to talk to him again, learn from him again. I had hoped that we would have conversations as equals, and looked forward to friendly debate (and possibly commiseration.)

But the look in his eyes when he said “I’ll have no truck with any of the Gods.” It was a haunted look, angry, I was surprised by how hurt I was, by how rejected I felt.

Even from what he said, he suffered greatly, and I know (like my brother) he experienced things that he will refuse to talk about. It is no wonder that he felt abandoned by his God.

I want to pray that he finds his way home, spiritually… but is that the right thing to do?

Atlantis, part one

The morning after the Heralds depart, Jacob finds a letter and a small box on his desk. The letter is labeled “READ ME FIRST


Life has dealt you a shit hand.

But there is greatness in you. I saw it when we met.

Do not be a slave to your base desires. The world expects greatness from you, and so do I. Rise above, and embrace your destiny.

Destiny… I’ve been mulling over that word a lot lately. Events drive us towards our ultimate destiny. No matter how much we may want to deny it, I now firmly believe Destiny is what runs the world.

We march off to conflict again. There is so much still I need to explain to you about everything that is happening in the world.

If Destiny decides my time is up, I’m sorry that I won’t get to explain it all to you.

But if (when) I return, I promise I’ll answer all of your questions.

I trust you to remain diligent in your studies while I’m away, and that you will not misuse the trust I have placed in you.

Your Teacher,
Ta’Losh Lahsiraan

In the package, Jacob finds a Herald Signet, with his arcane mark worked in to the heraldry

Atlantis, part one

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