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Beasts part one

Along the Black Road

July 17-24, 25NA

The Heralds travel up the road to Caer Nimir and meet with Gwythr ap Llewellyn to plan their trip into the Burning Eye territory.  They are introduced to Eidyr, a Lord Scout-Commander and the most familiar ranger with the area the party is going into.  Eidyr will travel with them into the orc's territory.

Supplied and prepared as best they could be, the Heralds move into mountains.  Eidyr leads them parallel to the stretch of the Black Road that runs throughout the Burning Eye Orc lands.  On the second day of travel they catch sight of Wendigo battling a massive, primal bear along one of the mountain paths.  The dragon is even more impressive looking, more dangerous looking.  More deadly.

Two days before reaching the tribe's lands, they encounter a party of orc's leading the remnants of the Leaping Peaks Herd of Goliaths— enslaved and carrying the corpses of their family to the orc's stewpots.  The four Goliaths are cautious in trusting their rescuers but upon learning the party intends to attack the orcs, ask to come along and end their herd in a fashion worthy of remembering.


An odd situation.

Dangerous enough that most would consider it a suicide mission. But these folk (if the stories are to be believed) have a reputation for surviving long odds and emerging victorious. But this is … a dragon; an actual plucked from the tales dragon! I saw it best the oldest, largest dire bear I’ve ever seen in single combat and then fly off with the carcass. How do you fight that?

They fight well enough I suppose – brave, deadly, and full of tricks. Too bad they shine and clank like a bloody coronation parade. My job is to get them through the orc-lands, to the damn dragon’s lair, and then back out again through some of the roughest terrain in the realm. It’ll mean slaughtering a LOT of orcish filth, and possibly a hero’s end.

After all this time do you suppose Gwythr means to finally grant my boon?

Beasts part one

After some debate, we decided to travel by way of Caer Nimir. We hoped to avoid Goliath territory, and perhaps to be able to study their teleportation circle.

The hold was busier than it was during our previous visit – we passed at least three new smithies, all with dwarves bustling about, focused on the work of creating tools of war.

Gwythyr introduced us, after a brief but satisfying meal, to a wood elf by the name of Eidyr. He is the ranger most familiar with the territory held by the Burning Eye Orcs, and has agreed to lead us through it to find the dragon.

He certainly looked unafraid of a fight; his knives were well-kept, a bow was within his reach even indoors, and a string of orc ears was around his scarred neck. And ap Llewelyn trusted him, with his confidence and with our lives.

Supplied with rations and a replenishment of our healing potions, the next morning we set out through a secret exit of Caer Nimir out into the mountains and towards the black roads.

About a day and a half into our travels we saw the dragon Wendigo in combat with a bear which almost matched it in size. The bear got a few good strikes in, but in the end it was felled and the dragon lifted off with its prize.

The dragon was bigger than it had been the last time we saw it, as if it had matured in the intervening time – filled in, I suppose you could say.

From there, we were able to travel along the road itself – it was easier terrain, but there was more of a risk of being spotted, and there were no trees to dampen the sound of our movement. I could tell that the noise rankled Eidyr – he’s clearly used to traveling alone, and certainly without anyone wearing full armor.

It wasn’t long before we came across the first group of orcs. They had captured four Goliaths, who were reluctant to join us, but were eventually convinced that they would (at the very least) be able to have some vengeance against the orcs who had killed the rest of the Leaping Peaks.

Thus, a larger an even louder party eventually reached a true orc encampment. Set around a few squat buildings and a couple strange pits, 60 or 70 orcs moved around, as yet unaware of our presence.

Beasts part one

That’s a Bob’s Big Boy!!! I read about them in a the Old books!

I’ve heard it said pizza was a delicacy in the Old Age. I’d love to try pizza.

Beasts part one

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