Welcome to the New Age

Beasts part three

The Heralds and their new companion, Eidyr, face off against the orcish bear cavalry and the chieftain- a deadly combatant.

The fight stirs the ire of the dragon, though, and it brings the entire Orc village down into the mountain.

Samuel displays a power that seems to catch even him by surprise,rescuing the party from certain death from the fall and passing a strange power into the party, leaving them renewed and refreshed to face the Cannibal Wind of Winter: Wendigo…


We’re dead … I’m dead, crushed beneath tons of debris after a long fall. It’s over, and we’re barely even started.

Except, as it turns out, we’re not.

Trapped, yes. But a … miracle (?) followed by a clever application of force on the part of Ta’Losh frees us. We’re soaked through and far below ground, but alive and somehow hale. All we have to do now is defeat the damn dragon.

Gods it’s big…

Beasts part three

I really thought that would be it for us. Thankfully Samuel was able to do… something. I don’t know what.

But it was big, and it was flashy, and it saved our asses.

Thankfully I was able to get us out of there before we drowned, but I’m not sure it’s better out here.

That thing is big. And it’s a little disconcerting when it is bearing right down on you.

Beasts part three

Distracted by the roar of the dragon below us, and the cacophony around the camp, I nearly walked straight into the path of a group of mounted orcs. Luckily, Gareth, Desmond, and Samuel all reached to pull me back just in time.

With no good route to take to avoid the orcs, we scrambled onto the roof of the nearest building. The height didn’t help us, much, unfortunately… the orcs directed the bears they rode to climb after us, and the combat became oddly cramped for a fight taking place outside.

As more orcs were starting to arrive, the hole in the roof widened. Even as we moved to the edge, trapped between the hole and the orcs below, a fierce blast of frigid air covered the area. Desmond had already fallen to the depths, and the rest of us were grievously injured.

And then Samuel… did… something. A bright, almost painful, light glowed from within him, and he moved us. We were all – even Desmond – in a tiny closed in space. All of our wounds seemed healed, and all of our energies were restored. Samuel looked almost as shocked as the rest of us were by what had happened. He pointed at the Sword of Sigurd, tried to say something, and then it was dark.

By the time someone cast a light spell, Samuel was gone.

We were under a pile of rubble, and an icy trickle of water was beginning to pool at our feet. It wouldn’t take long to fill our chamber, and we didn’t have time to waste. Ta’Losh cleverly used a bit of his magic to push enough of the rock aside that we could escape.

And then we realized we were looking into the dragon’s lair, and Wendigo was spitting distance away from us.

Beasts part three

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