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Beasts, part two

The Burning Eyes camp proves itself resourceful and enthusiastic in its response to the Herald's attacks.

After luring a patrol out to investigate a campfire and killing them, the Herald's find themselves the targets of burning catapult shot.  Getting away out from under fire the party makes their way into the camp itself.  Desmond has a climbing mishap, but they get under cover before the orcs investigate the scene (the party watches as Eidyr destroys that crew by himself with only three arrows).

Then they hit catapult while moving through the camp — Declan and Eidyr travel stealthily to the catapult and Declan destroys it by detonating the three pitch filled cars — the resulting explosion kills the crew, which includes an Illithid who may or may not have been a captive of the orcs.

The rest of the team is heading towards one of the buildings when they hear the rumble of the dragon's voice from under the mountain… 


With this group and a year I could clear every orc from the Far Reaches.

Nobody would ever have to lose their lives, or the lives of all they hold dear to the deprivations of those monsters. Their despoiling of the land would stop, and the king could turn his attention to resettling the land and improving the lot of his people.

But they have their own agenda, and once the dragon is dealt with they’ll be gone. I suppose I should content myself with the idea that if we succeed, a whole tribe will be dealt with – scores of orcs sent screaming to their just punishment. A great threat to our lands will have been dealt with.

But so long as one orc remains, it’s too many. They ALL have to die

Beasts, part two

We were able to trick the orcs into an ambush… once. We shifted down the road a bit to wait for another group, waiting and waiting until I thought I was going to freeze to my armor. I was starting to think that they weren’t going to take the bait again, when from behind us there was a tremendous explosion. Rocks and debris rained down the hill as we tried to figure out what had happened.

We decided to stay put, see if perhaps ground troops were on the way to follow up on the air assault. Instead, we found out what exactly had happened… when a car filled with burning pitch was flung precisely where we were.

There was nothing for it at that point, and we gave up our hiding spots in favor of making our way to the camp itself. Despite our efforts to stay hidden we were struck by a second car before we got too close for the catapult to work effectively.

We managed to slip into a tunnel beneath the camp, and Eidyr single-handedly took out a group of more than a dozen orcs who were trying to pick up our trail.

Now in the camp itself, we split into two groups. Ta’Losh, Eidyr, and Ilikan snuck into the center of the camp, where Ta’Losh would strike at the catapult (and their spare (and explosive) munitions). The rest of us moved as quietly as we could around the outside of the camp, towards the larger building.

It was clear when my brother’s attack struck, explosions ringing out and debris falling everywhere. Somewhere below us, something growled “What the FUCK was that?” in the language of the dragons.

Seems as if we weren’t going to have to go much farther to find the nesting area of Wendigo.

Beasts, part two

The cold. The wet. The fear. The shame.

Never again. Never fucking again. I won’t go back.

I will kill every single Illithid I encounter, or I will die trying.

Never again.

Beasts, part two

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