Welcome to the New Age

Borderlanders Part 2

June 8-9, 25NA

The path into the hills and mountains is surrounded by the Hag-Oak trees, imports from the Feywild.  During the climb, signs are noted of medium sized creatures that may have hunted out other predatory creatures here, but no sign is found of the larger, ogre-sized, creatures.

Gnolls, strange hyena-men who seemed to hail from somewhere south of the border into Old-Mexico, riding giant vultures attack the party from a frustrating range, but an ice spell from Aideen kills them.

Strange lights are visible at night from the path, seeming to surround a giant tree near the top of the path.

More Gnolls are encountered at the end of the path, guarding the outside of the tree, which has a huge door in it.  After the fight with the Gnolls the party attempts to enter the tree, finding strange bruise colored giants that recovered quickly from injuries.  Fire seemed to end the recovery process.

What other threats lie inside the giant tree…?


Wilks walked us to the foot of the path, telling us to look for the strange Witchwood Oaks, and cautioning us that the thaw might have washed out parts of the trail.

Not far up the path, we were attacked by some creatures mounted upon some sort of giant bird. They were Gnolls – humanoid and furred, with sort of dog-like features.

A little further along, we came across a clearing with several nests – they looked almost like giant wasp’s nests. There were tracks and bones in the area, someone thought they might be from a Harpy. Still, the nests were abandoned, and the tracks were old, so we decided to make our camp there.

Gareth reported that around midnight he saw lights in the distance, which lasted a little less than an hour.

The next day we decided to make camp in some trees a short way away from the tree where the lights had been. An abundance of caution led us to prefer to face whatever was there in full daylight, instead of rushing in and discovering the source in twilight.

Approaching the giant tree the next morning, we saw more of the Gnolls. Interestingly, they all bore (even before Declan’s spell) electrical burns. The tree, which stretched up at least 200 feet, bore a large door at the base.

The lock was far too complicated for the Gnolls to have designed (or likely opened for that matter), and it took Declan some time to solve the puzzle of it. We could hear something on the other side, so we readied as best as we could.

When the door opened, we were face-to-face with two of the ogre-sized creatures. Their skin was the same color as a bruise – purplish and yellowed and browned, all at the same time. One of them carried the corpse of a Gnoll, which it promptly flung at us.

They seemed to have an ability to heal themselves, and rather quickly (which explains the difficulty that Wilks had with them), but fire seemed to harm them quite a bit.

The room we stood in didn’t hold much of note, but the sound of water could be heard from below us, and the tree towered above us.

Borderlanders Part 2

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