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Fey Tales Part 3

Fists of Fury

October 30-31, 24NA

The mummy's touch leaves a curse on Desmond, weakening him, leaving him with an unquenchable thirst.  After defeating the undead, the party explores a tunnel to a lower level, where gaining the stone requires moving through a death trap to escape.

After the return to Dialb the final door leads to a dojo in the Abyss, where they meet Oniisama and his disciples.  Oniisama makes a deal with them— he will turn over his crystal if they participate in a combat challenge.  They are not required to win, only participate.

The party is entertained after the fight with conversation and a meal before returning to Dialb and giving over the last crystal to him.  He gives them the leaves as he promised.

 The departure of the group from the Feywild is without incident and the party is once more turned into birds by Severus and are now racing to bring the cure to Gwythr ap Llewellyn.


What a rich and fascinating history Oniisama and his people have. I only wish we had had more time to converse with him. I am happy that he has invited us to return to his dojo, as I am fascinated by whatever it it he’s keeping at bay…

Fey Tales Part 3

The last part of our challenge for the stones was through the “demon” door (or at least the door which Declan thought had a symbol for demon on it).

The other side opened to a view of two cities, one light, one dark. The compass pointed us to a building just a short way along the path, however.

We were greeted and ushered inside, where a large, blue-skinned, black-haired (man seems inaccurate?) issued a challenge. If we would face him, Oniisama, and his disciples in combat, he would give us the stone. Further, if we defeated them all he would answer our questions and give us a gift.

The fights were, to put it bluntly, brutal. Desmond, already weakened from the undead’s touch, was the first to fight – and the first to fall. Ilikan defeated his opponent, and I was able to force mine to leave the ring with magic.

Together, we were able to beat Oniisama himself. Afterwards, we were treated to refreshments, and they were very gracious about answering most of our questions.

Finally, we were able to return to Dialb and gain possession of the Fingerleaf. Now back to our side of the portal, and back to save Gwythr!

Fey Tales Part 3

“We fought off the creatures and climbed down the passage to find a pool off chilled metal. A wheel raised a pillar witth the stone on it, but also stated a trap. We escaped before the stones feel and went through the last door.

Through it we found two cities, one light and one dark, and a dojo. Inside the dojo there were three students and their master, a large demon named Oniisama. He challenges us to a contest giving us the stone for participating and information about why the knight wanted the stones if we won. We didn’t win, but he gifted us with a magic jug.

We returned, the knight took the stone and sent us off. We returned from the Fey, turned into owls, and set off west. "

Fey Tales Part 3

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