Welcome to the New Age

Hunger part one

Home is where they have to take you in

March 10-14, 25NA

The brand new Declan is introduced to the population of Grayson.  Reviews are mixed.

While there is a strong drive to return to Tillman's Port, Mayor Courdry pleads for caution and instead decides that the group might be better put to use looking in the mountains for the two missing patrols as well as the missing homesteaders.

Recongnizing the Fizzle Gingergrip is still unaccounted for, Gareth asks a local ranger and fur trader to have a look for him near Roanoake — the only major stop on his itinerary. 

Gareth gathers information on the families up in the mountains and learns of the Grimsbys- one of the most well informed families in the Appalachians, as well as the Altizers, Slocums, Warrens, and Whitts. Some activity of the Burning Eyes – an Orc tribe – had been reported in the area months ago, but no one can confirm that they might be in the area in force.

The first home the Heralds find is the Cage Farm, and while they find the remains of two Grayson guards in the house, slaughtered but not devoured.


It was a bit of a relief to be back in Grayson, although that feeling was somewhat diminished by the knowledge that we would have to report to the council. I wasn’t looking forward to telling Bruce how close we had been to mother, and how far out of our reach she likely was now.

But it was easier, with the rest of the Heralds behind me, and the rest of the council in front of us. There was only so much time we could devote to that topic, and when I broached the subject with Bruce in private a couple days later, he had (at least mostly) come to terms with the situation.

Declan was having a hard time getting used to the stares (and fear), I think, but I’m afraid it’s going to be the standard way people greet him for a long time to come. It makes me a little sad, but on the other hand…

He seems so much happier. He seems more at peace with himself, as if having his outside match his internal nature helps him in some way. It makes it hard to do anything other than smile when I see him, because I know he is a little more content.

And otherwise, we were both physiologically unharmed by the experience. The Magister “requested” that we allow her to run some tests on us. She concluded that we were as healthy as we ever were, and that while we shared the same bond we always have, as twins, that he was no longer human.

I also took some time to have conversations with both her and with Grumbar to confirm that I was not affected by any of the radiation or anything. I had in mind Susan Anderson and her son – I wanted to leave no chance that something like that could happen to me or any children I may one day have. They assured me that I am fine, but still, it is something I know I will have nightmares about for a long time to come.

Hunger part one

I knew there would be an adjustment. I knew it would take plenty of getting used to.

They stare. They whisper. They cross the street.

This is who I am, though.

And so I will smile. I will wave.

I will help them adjust.

Hunger part one

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