Welcome to the New Age

March 14-20, 25NA

The Cage house proved to have signs of recent trouble, including a pair of dead town guards.  Further exploration on the way to the Slocum house shows disturbing signs of necromancy and undead activity in the mountains.  Strange animate heads and buried skeletons are all over the place.

The Slocum farm proves to be just as devoid of life, but the Grimsby house has a surprise for the group in the form of a trio of ghouls and a pair of marauding undead bears who destroy the house trying to get at the party.  They also discovered a vision of what might have been the start of all this when Eleanor Grimsby attacked and killed her husband.

A map leads to a chapel deeper in the mountains, and the party travels along to a deeper place, finding the trees decorated with hung orcs.  One was found alive, and admits that the Burning Eye tribe was attempting to ally with the ghouls at the behest of Wendigo.


Bad things have happened in the mountains. On the way to Slocum’s Farm, there were circles of dead earth, all under vacant nooses. Dozens of them lined the path, and Gareth said there was the feeling of undead within the circles.

Digging down, there was a jumble of bones with a skull atop. When the skull was disturbed, there arose a sort of vapor, which briefly formed a face before breaking apart and drifting northward.

Declan guessed that it was some sort of alarm spell, and nothing I know makes me disagree.

The area stank of rotting meat, and once we had investigated the one circle, I was more than eager to keep moving.

The farm buildings were in poor shape; there had obviously been a fight, and the barn had been set ablaze. There was not much to be found other than spoiled supplies, but within the barn there were two small skeletons.

Declan refused to move until we had buried them, starting work with the scorched remains of a shovel blade. I was able to fashion a rough handle for it, and after a few hours we had dug the hole and purified the earth. We whispered words over the fragile forms before moving on.

It was near dark before we started heading to the Grimsby farm, but our eagerness to put some distance between us and Slocum’s Farm pushed us to climb by our conjured-up lights.

A couple days (and some disturbing dreams) later, we came upon the Grimsby house. Ilikan had a vision of what might have happened there, and the other men awoke feeling as if they had felt echoes of the same dream. We were somewhat warned then (although the horror was still very real), of the undead creatures (human and bear) which attacked us while we were at the farmhouse.

Among other bits and bobbles, there was a chain with a token marked with the gnomish word for “fury”, and in a lockbox with deeds and other papers, and map marked with a path to Bell’s Chapel.

Hunger Part Two

“We left for the mountains after learning the town had sent a second group that they haven’t heard back from. Gareth talked to some scouts to get an idea of the farms up there.

The first farm we came across had two dead guards and all the food in the cellar had spoiled. We continued on to one of the larger farms where almost all the trees along the path had a noose hanging from them. Gareth said that he sensed undead from the ground underneath the noose where the grass had all died. We dug up the patch and found a body that seemed nothing but bones.

We continued on towards a more remote farm that one of the scouts suggested we seek, the Grimsbys. We were forced to camp before we arrived and I had a nightmare where I was the Grimsby man returning with his son after hunting. Returning to his home and sick wife. He returned to find her knitting and when he called to her she turned and attacked him with claws and teeth.

We went to the house, which seemed abandoned, a body that seemed to be the man who I dreamed of. The house was not quiet for long as we were attacked by three undead men and two undead bears. We found papers and maps. One of these maps was of a path into the mountains to a chapel. Close the the chapel we found a party of orcs hung from trees, one of which was still alive. We cut him down and began questioning him."

Hunger Part Two

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