Welcome to the New Age

Interlude: Columbia part One

Birth of a New Nation

June 21- June 29, 25NA

The Heralds are accosted by a gang of aggressive centaurs on the way home.  After a tough battle, they emerge victorious.

Upon their return they find things are different in Grayson, the appointment of a monarch, King Bruce Courdry, has altered the flow of the town a little.  The livery now seems to house flying mounts - four gryphons - take a spot in the yard, and the two Panthrows garner much appreciation from Abram Dreier and his staff.

They are directed to present themselves before the king up on their return and are greeted warmly.  Bruce insists on having them all to his home for dinner that evening.

The group has errands to run, and each goes their separate ways, but Gareth and Iliken seek out Grumbar Brightaxe to seek his counsel about the possibility that  Declan and Aideen might be enthralled still by the strange fish they encountered days earlier.

Grumbar confronts each twin and removes the charmed influences on each, but they are surprisingly not as grateful as might be expected…


I had always considered Grumbar to be a little intimidating, and maybe a little gruff, but no more than any other Dwarf. I had grown up among his people, and I was mostly used to their ways. I never thought I would find myself frightened of him, for sure.

But then, trying to hide the comforting presence in the back of my head, I misstepped, and I could tell he knew.

And I could tell that he was going to do something, something to take him away from me.

So I ran. I dodged out of Ilikan’s grasp, and ran out into the street. I didn’t have a plan, really, but I knew they were going to break my connection to our new friend. But then Grumbar used his powers to force me to stop, and there was nothing I could do.

The connection was broken, his influence lifted. I know my friends expected me to be happy, but all I felt was a tremendous sense of loss. He’s gone, and now I won’t be able to help him, and he won’t be able to help me.

I feel so lonely.

Interlude: Columbia part One

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