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Iron part two

All these adventures have One Word titles!

August 13, 25NA

The Heralds work their way through Dialb's keep, overcoming tricks and traps while attempting to stay ahead of the Fey Lord's servants.  The chase culminates in a confrontation in the throne room.

Overcoming Dialb's soldiers and the Mage that lead them, the Aideen gives the Golem its command to destroy itself.  Ta'Losh reads the scroll of Plane Shift and the party vanishes from the Feywild.


Trying to evade Dialb’s forces while avoiding the traps and trickery of his fortress proved tricky, and in the end it was largely thanks to the golem that we made it out relatively unscathed.

We found our way through a maze of stairs and corridors, careful to keep each other within sight. Gareth feared (and I saw no reason to doubt him) that failing to do so might lead to the group being split if the manse took advantage of it. The fortress did seem to act against us, or traps had been set to prevent an intrusion such as ours.

With some cleverness and some luck we made it quite far before Dialb’s forces caught up to us. The first group met a gruesome end at the fists of the golem. We didn’t witness it, but when we next saw it it was covered in blood and had bits of hair and flesh in the joints of its construction.

Eventually, though, we found ourselves sandwiched between two groups – several Fey in the throne room leapt to their home’s defense as we entered, while behind us a wizard and his retinue closed in.

I thought for sure that Ta’Losh was going to be killed – the enemies targeted him immediately, and my resources to help him were perilously low – but our luck held out.

The last couple Fey fled, and one we kept alive to question. We eventually got him to accept an offer of prisoner status, and he confirmed for us that we were in the throne room. There was no time to debate it further; I issued the command to the golem, and as I mentally counted the time down Ta’Losh read the scroll which would hopefully bring us home.

Iron part two

Dialb’s Keep proved trickier than I completely expected. But perhaps I should have expected that from one of the Fey.

By the Old Gods and the New, I hope that was the real throne room.

Iron part two

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