Welcome to the New Age

Interlude: Columbia Part two

Two for the price of one is a good deal...

June 29-July 1, 25NA

Dinner with the new King and his fiancé turns into a surprise announcement that the royal wedding will occur in two days.

Various errands are run over the next day.  Tailors are procured, providing the attendees with finery and some small number of magical enhancements.  Illiken is handed a mysterious warning by Red Simpson, who has fallen on hard times.  Gareth learns some of the secrets of the Sword of Sigurd and buys a wedding gift.  Aideen meets with Cogsworth to check on some old business.  Declan and Desmond meet with the town council before separating.  

The morning of the wedding arrives with pomp and circumstance.  As the ceremony reaches its conclusion Isadore Consuela, a ranger the party met previously, assassinates Gwythr ap Llewellyn and Grunr Stormborn.  Isadore is revealed by Iliken as James Anderson, jr.  The party kills him, but is the damage already done…?


Inaction caused this. I told them this thing was too dangerous, four months ago. Instead, we left it to plot in that cell. Left it to it’s own devices. Now, all eyes are Grayson, and us, because the leaders of the dwarves and elves are dead. I’m starting to wonder why we bother coming back. Nothing good ever comes of it. We should have just left straight for the mountains.

Interlude: Columbia Part two

How incredibly stupid! Of course they were concerned with the King & Queen being assassinated. Why would they suspect the other leaders might be in danger?

Desmond was right. James was too dangerous to keep alive.

And once again, Black Mantle plays us for fools.

Interlude: Columbia Part two

Grumbar performed the ceremony, a feeling of power settling over the altar as we stood there. I was there as Mother’s attendant, reluctantly clad in a dress, although I did have to admit that it was gorgeous, and easier to move in than I had feared. Declan and the other Heralds stood on Bruce’s side.

Grunr Stormborn had been the victor of the duel, and had won the right to give the bride away. Gwythr ap Llewellyn still had a place of honor, though. The two representatives stood tall, glad to see this part of securing Columbia’s future through.

And then, suddenly, both men were on the dais, arrows piercing their flesh.

Gareth immediately tried to revive them, but his face looked grim, and neither stood again. Desmond cast a spell of invisibility on the King and Queen, while I made an illusion of them seeking cover in a nearby building.

Ilikan dragged the assassin closer to the dais, and I heard him say that he thought it was the shapeshifter. At that, my vision narrowed, and I cast the fiercest spell I could at that horrible creature. The form of the ranger shifted into the shapeless mass of James Anderson, jr, before dissolving away.

As I looked back to the dais, searching for any sign of life, or even of hope, I just wished that I had done it sooner.

Interlude: Columbia Part two

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