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Pursuit part 2

Bright Siders on the Upside Down

AN52, 3 Yluj

The fight with the spider creatures goes poorly.  One by one, each member of the Heralds falls before the creatures until only Desmond stands over the bodies of the last two foes.  

Finding his friend's bodies, Desmond brings the body of Declan to the basement of the Homely Sheep.  When he returns to collect the others, he finds the bodies are missing.  In desperation, Desmond begs his mysterious patron for help.  A distant voice tells him only to sleep.

The Heralds all awaken in the basement of the Homely Sheep, still in the strange world of the "upside down" or Shadowfell.

Deciding to explore the tunnels under the town of Grayson, the party finds a series of tunnels with trapped doorways.   One room reveals a map that seems to indicate dangerous areas of the town.

Further exploration also introduces the party to a pair of native elves, Shadar-Kai, named Iluvere and Simbar who offer to ally with the party to destroy Black Mantle.


We woke again beneath the Homely Sheep. A cautious look outside confirmed that we were still in the Shadowfell, and that our fight with those monstrous spider-like things had seemingly never happened.

With a second fresh memory of dying, however, I was unwilling to chance the above-ground again. No one seemed to argue when I suggested we explore the tunnel system, perhaps sharing my reluctance.

We decided to work our way towards the chamber where I had been resurrected by Black Mantle. Instead of the large slab of rock, there was a stairway leading down. A misstep at the bottom shut the passage behind us, committing us to the course.

Eventually, thanks to a map we discovered, we worked our way underground towards the stables. The string of nearly-identical rooms would have been a dizzying maze if not for Ilikan’s keen sense of direction.

As we approached a room under where Ilikan reckoned the main gate would be, we saw four figures in the light ahead; two fey-looking figures, guarded by two constructs. When they did not immediately attack, we seized the chance to perhaps find an ally.

When addressed in Elvish, they rocked back, alarmed. One of them cast Tongues, allowing us to speak frankly, and explained that that language was forbidden to them, the Shadar-Kai. They were servants of the Matron of Ravens, and were (like us) seeking the Hooded One.

They believe that Black Mantle’s anger is strengthening the creatures in the area, and want to see her stopped before the damage gets any worse. Together, we hatched a plan. Simbar will attempt to forge Bruce’s ring into Gareth’s weapon, symbolizing the connection Black Mantle keeps with Grayson and the fury which anchors her here. Hopefully, a strike with the weapon will enable him to kill Black Mantle and stop her ability to come back.

We just have to make our way to the market and the forge there, and protect him while he does is work. And then hunt our quarry and finish this once and for all.

Pursuit part 2

Life is no longer a binary state. Grumbar proved that with Mrs. Finnegan, and then again with Gwythr & Grunr.

I don’t know if the same thing happened to us as happened to them, but I can assure you that whatever happened to us I wouldn’t care to do so again.

I’m pleased to be alive. Don’t think for a minute that I’d rather be dead. But living through dying isn’t an experience I’d wish on anyone.

Pursuit part 2

If I’m being honest…

I’m not sure I’d be able to live with myself as the sole survivor, I’m surprised, but relieved with the outcome of my pleading. I’m not, however, looking forward to the bill that will come from it.

Pursuit part 2

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