Welcome to the New Age


August 14, 25NA – ???

At the other end of the scroll lies a strange dark place, a tomb hidden somewhere in the Southern or Middle American lands.  Confrontation between an ancient undead wizard and the Blue Dragon, Sirocco, spills over into the party's hands.

Gareth delivers several telling strikes against the creature while the party deals with its were-leopard minions. The monster fells Gareth with a single word and then departs.  

Ta'Losh brings the party to the circle at Caer Nimir and from there, they begin to travel home to Grayson.  Gareth, perhaps harrowed by his recent brush with death, remains behind in Porth Mynydd.  He is often seen in the company of the ranger, Izzy.

Work begins on the keep of the Heralds of the New Age, with the dwarves of Ringing Hammer Hold lending their expertise. Ta'Losh begins a search for an apprentice.


It was very dark, even with my newly enhanced vision, it was hard to see anything useful. The air was still and stale.

At our feet, the last flicker of a teleportation circle faded away. Someone provided light, and we could see that there were strange glyphs, some sort of pictograms.

There was a sarcophagus with the lid broken as if it had been burst out. Heavy stone blocks stopped progress down the two corridors, perhaps they had fallen after a trap of some kind was triggered.

While the others investigated the blocks, to attempt to bring some fresher air into the chamber, Ta’Losh set to meditating over the circle, and I sat with the wand, hoping we would have the time to be able to use it to escape.

About 45 minutes later, there were was a rumble and dust fell. It happened again five minutes later, and then again a few minutes after that. A crack began to form in the ceiling of the room, and somewhere in the distance we could hear a stream.

As we were finishing our meditations, the circle flared to life, and a portal opened. On the other side we could see a verdant jungle and a handful of people, wearing animal skins and throwing javelins at something out of our view. Someone in robes hurried through, followed by three of the men in cat hides.

They were accompanied by an overwhelming scent of herbs, the sort of thing one might use to mask the scent of rot. The robed figure raised his bandaged hands to open a secret compartment. Ta’Losh tried to speak with them, to convince them we meant no harm, but the creature was uninterested in his arguments, and ordered his men to attack.

Gareth confronted the monster directly and was killed almost instantaneously. The fight with his bodyguards was fierce and bloody, made more difficult with the loss of Gareth and Ta’Losh occupied with the casting of a spell.

During the battle, the blue dragon, Sirocco, tore the top of the chamber away. He looked down on us and lightning crackled between his teeth as he growled. The robed creature took the moment of distraction to disappear, and the dragon leapt away, yelling “Ura-bu, give me the book!”

We were able to defeat the rest of the guards, and Ta’Losh used the last dregs of his strength to open the way to Caer Nimir, and we stumbled through.

It was a relief to be safe again, to put it mildly. We were able to rest, and were fortunate that Gareth’s soul was not so far away that it could not be reunited with his body. It was difficult, though, and I wondered if the spell that killed him was still affecting him in some way.

After a bit of a celebration, we headed for home at last. Gareth stayed behind at Porth Mynydd, but promised to rejoin us soon. The rest of us proceeded to Grayson, hoping that we had done enough to slow Dialb that we might take some time for our own projects.


Nothing can ever go according to plan.

While I’m thankful we made it out, the fall of Gwarridd was harrowing. And regardless of the fact that resurrection is now apparently a thing, it’s not going to get easier seeing those I care about falling in battle.

This Ura-bu character is unsettling me as well. I have no qualms about necromantic magics, but the ritual detailed in that manuscript is a perversion. Whatever he is, he needs to be dealt with.

Sooner, rather than later.

In the meanwhile, we seem to have come upon some time at home (dare I say, to relax), and I’m left to continue contemplating my identity. I’ve met father, and have a better understanding of me. But am I the only “me”? Lamplighter said there were others who went out in to the world to do as he did. Maybe I’m not as alone as I thought.


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