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Ravens part two

The fight between the elves and the gnomes (along with the Heralds) is brutal.  Powerful magics are tossed back and forth and only their mage is able to escape.  T

Several of the leaders of the gnomes, as well as Dorian Wilks, are killed in the battle, but Aideen uses one of her most potent and dramatic spells to return life to Dorian and two of the gnomes, leaving all three and Bina in a shocked state.

The gnomes are convinced to travel to Grayson, with a letter of introduction form the party, and become allies of the kingdom.

The Heralds travel with Dorian towards the Ogrefen and the Tower of the Mage…


The ensuing battle was tough, and it took all our strength to come through it as well as we did – and even so, there were casualties, and one of the DOSA agents got away.

Dorian Wilkes was killed, as were several of Bina’s people. I didn’t have any time to hesitate – I launched myself to Wilkes’ side and worked the spell to call him away from the Door. I reached out a hand to steady him, and then realized that Bina was staring at me.

“What… what did you do?” she stammered out, awed. There wasn’t a good way to explain it, I mumbled out something about convincing him that it wasn’t yet his time. And then, in a desperate rush, she asked me how many more times I could do it.

I thought about it, and sadly realized I could only do it twice more, I had used most of my energy during the fight itself. I told her to choose, and though she wept, she didn’t hesitate in selecting two of her people.

It was hard to keep her focused enough to give me their names, and we had to work fast. The first one she selected returned to us relatively easily, but the second was a little tougher to call back. I thought for a moment that we were too late, but after a few long, long seconds, I could sense the gnome breathing beneath my fingertips.

I sat back, paler than usual, feeling completely drained – and completely unprepared for the look in Bina’s eyes. It was almost fanatical, and it was uncomfortably similar to the look that Iluvere had once given me. I tried to explain that I was acting as the hand of my God, but that didn’t really ease that look.

I talked a little about the Queen, but I tried to stress that I didn’t want them to give over their current gods because I had helped them, but as Bina said… they had no gods. Still, I am uneasy with the idea of converting out of some sense of debt… I felt uncomfortable with the knowledge that that was what tipped the scales in their decision to join with Grayson and help us.

Still, we were in no position to turn down their help, whatever their reasons, and so I contacted Bruce to let them know they were coming, and asked him to send a party towards the Elder Tree. We wrote a letter of introduction, and wished them the best as we turned our steps back to the South.

Ravens part two

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