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Ruin part 3

August 4-8, 25NA

Grendel's lair is full of massive alligators and dark waters.  The dragon waits to strike for a short while, but when he does the party matches the beast's savagery with their own determination.

In the end, the Grendel's power is broken by the Heralds and the dragon's power flows into them, further strengthening the group for the challenges yet to come.

But upon returning to the Keep of Ravens in the Upside Down, and using the bottled heart of the dragon the gain the two swords promised to Gareth and Desmond it is revealed that Desmond is an imposter.  A changeling sent by Dialb to gather up the black blade for some sinister purpose…



NIce job guys! Gratz on another dragon kill! :)

Ruin part 3

The dragon’s lair was dark and disorienting. We had scarcely landed in the water before we were attacked by alligators. Somehow, hearing the descriptions of the beasts, and even seeing some of their pelts didn’t prepare me for their sheer size and strength.

One of them dragged me below the waterline. It had me fiercely by the leg, but I couldn’t manage to contact it with any of my spells. In the murkiness of the water my shots went wide. Luckily, Ilikan saw my plight and dove in next to me, shoving a rope into my hands.

When I resurfaced, Grendel had arrived, but the darkness (both natural and magical) made it impossible to see anything. I did my best to keep track of my friends, but I didn’t succeed as well as I would have liked in that.

Still, the dragon was defeated, and we all emerged from the fight. Ilikan even managed to use the glass jar from Walter to contain the heart of the beast. My brother and I collected our small trophies from Grendel, and then we headed back to the wizard’s tower.

From there, after a rest, we went back to the Shadowfell, per my Lady’s instructions to Gareth and Desmond. I tried to look confident as I led the way to Her chamber. It was vacant, but asking Her for guidance gave me the instruction that they were meant to pour the heart over the stone and swords.

Back out behind the blacksmith, they upended the jar over the stone. Gareth grasped the silver sword with a look of rapture – there was a feeling of rightness to the moment. And then Desmond pulled the other, the blackened sword.

And he laughed, a horrible, deep belly laugh, before pronouncing that Dialb would make great use of it. The changeling (as Gareth and I later agreed it must have been) disappeared in a pile of leaves.

Hoping that the real Desmond had not been gone from us long (we guessed it happened sometime during the fight with the Oni), I Sent him a few questions and prayed he would be able to answer.

“We’re looking for you, do you know where you are? Are you in immediate danger?” was answered with “Oh thank God, what took you so long. I’m not being hurt. I’m in Dialb’s keep.”

Ruin part 3

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