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Sigil, part 2

Pizza with the Devil

Gazaar the angelic proprietor of the House of Five Curtains, provides the party with much needed information on the city of Sigil and places one might travel to.  He also warns them that the path home is guarded by Arkahn and other servants of Tiamat.

They visit the Lady's Garden and see the exotic and beautiful plants. They travel to the Hall of Legacy — filled with the the stories of dead gods, stillborn gods and deposed gods.  They travel to the House of Waiting, where a thousand prophesied kings wait to be called. It is here that the party meets Asmodeus.

The Lord of the Nine Circles comes to the party with a proposal.  He can help them get home, and provide information on the activities of the two remaining dragons, if they will agree to let him anchor his realm to theirs, insuring that they have the "benefit" of a "devil they know."

They ask for time to consider his offer.

Aideen returns to the astral ship and discusses Orik's proposal of having children with him to further the Githyanki race.

Ta'Losh seeks out Abraham Lincoln, perhaps as a joke, perhaps not.  But he does find the man, wrestling in a city arena against two orcs…


I’ve spent the last year adjusting.

I want to say struggling, but adjusting is a more appropriate term. I am now what I was meant to be, and while it has been difficult at times, it has by no means been a struggle.

Being “me” now has given me a fresh look on life. Not just the colors, the smells, the sounds (all of which are brighter, more vibrant); I see myself and everyone else differently now.

No, differently is the wrong word here too. I see things the same, but my understanding is different. I understand the world from the correct point-of-view. I understand my friends better. I understand my enemies better.

I understand myself better.

I’ve spent a lot of time in self-reflection. That’s been a struggle. Maybe a visit to Sensei Jessie is in order? Her self-discipline is admirable.

But I digress.

Reflecting on my past self, I’ve finally been able to understand how… Well, how much of a prick I was. I wronged a lot of people, and it’s going to take a long time to settle my ledger.

Quill, he was good to me. Good to me in a time that I wasn’t so great. He took us in, clothed me, gave us sanctuary. I don’t know if I was in a place then to appreciate it, but I sure as hell didn’t, and I see that now. But I at least have an opportunity now to balance that line.

So, if I have to fight a parallel-dimension Abraham Lincoln for is pants, then by the Old Gods and the New, I will.

Sigil, part 2

I was hoping that a conversation with Orik would settle my mind, but it wasn’t nearly that simple. Between a deal with a Devil, and a deal with a Githyanki… only one of them I am ready to take, and I remain uneasy about both.

The offer, question, request, however you want to put it… it’s difficult. My heart, my soul hurts. I want so badly to help Orik and his people. They are fighting the same enemies as we are, and they have lost so much.

But he is right, my heart is soft. I had to be convinced not to try to help those poor halflings, leashed and sickly, dragged around by monsters. Orik is almost certainly right to think I would not do well living among his people.

It seems a twisted sort of mockery of what I have always wanted.

To carry a child, knowing I will give her up. Knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her destiny would be war. Am I fooling myself to believe that I would be doing anything different if I were to start a family with a human man tomorrow? Our world is within its growing pains, can I pretend that any of my children will not be responsible for fighting for its safety?

And I remember the judgement I levied at Lamplighter, to have children and never know them. Could I do the same, would it be the same? Before we met him, there had been that insinuation – perhaps vile untruth, perhaps more true that Lamplighter admitted to himself – that the Dragons had been sent to make more of their own, to spread their kind.

I remembered how it felt, to think that we had been left behind, that we had been wanted more for our heritage than our selves. That we were born to be a piece on someone else’s war-table. Could I be part of doing the same to another generation?

My heart hurts…

Sigil, part 2

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