Welcome to the New Age

The Conquest of Grayson, Aftermath

Or Five Adventurers and a (goblin) baby

October 26-29, 24NA

The town of Grayson has been rescued.  Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Giants have all been dealt with. Our heroes are acclaimed by the town council as the saviors of the folk, and are now Esquires of Grayson – though what that means might be open to interpretation.  They are gifted a house and awarded handsomely for their service.

There is some disagreement over the fate of the goblin baby, with Desmond urging that the child be left in his care, while Declan, Gareth, and Aideen want to turn it over to the tower and the Magister.  In the end, the Magister turns over custody to Desmond, but makes it clear to him in private that he is now being watched.

Severus Brown and an Elven Druid arrive with news that Gwythr ap Llewellyn was poisoned during an attack that stole the Faberge eggs he held and his only hope is the leaf of a fingerleaf plant, found beyond a portal to the feywild.  A Portal that will close at sunrise on November 1st.


Had I know she’d have been so receptive to such an arrangement, I’d have brought it there sooner. I’m not thrilled about this, but He seems pretty intent on this thing remaining with me. I hate though that I had to go to Red with this as well. I’d just as soon leave that whole organization out of it.

The Conquest of Grayson, Aftermath


Desmond argues that we need to give the baby to the Tower… Fine. Let’s give the baby to the Tower.

Now, he argues that he will take care of the baby. How is he going to take care of a baby? We’re the big damned heroes! They expect us to be doing stuff!

Oh, he hired a babysitter?

This new matronly-streak is weird, and something ain’t right about it.

The Conquest of Grayson, Aftermath

“They gave us a house as part of our reward, a place where people could find us easily if they needed our help. That help being called upon sooner than I thought it would be. It seems that the plot against the elves was an internal one and their lord was poisoned in the attack. In order to free him of the poison they need a plant from the Fey. From lands they say are held by summer. With their lord, and therefore themselves as well, serving winter they thought it wise to seek outside help. We only have until dawn of November first to get the plant and get out, so the Druid Brown aided our travels by turning us to birds.”

The Conquest of Grayson, Aftermath

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