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The Conquest of Grayson part 04

The Reclaiming of Grayson

October 25-26, 24 NA

The city of Grayson is now under the control of the goblin army, but it's citizens are ready for the first match to light the flames of rebellion.  

A cold, late fall rain covers the party's movements as they search for help.

The heroes first attempt to approach "the Highwayman's Rest" but find that the busy tavern seems to be a haven for the carousing conquerors.  Iliken speaks to Bill, one of the kitchen staff, who tells him that he will pass on word of the impending Dwarf assault.

Red Simpson contacts the rest of the group leading them all to meet with Blackmantle, the mysterious leader of the town's criminal underworld.  Blackmantle is preparing to present resistance within the town, but she understands that without outside help, she can't hope to defeat the goblin occupation.

She wants to set the party to kill the giant that holds the town guard prisoner in their own cells as the dwarves attack, while another force attempts to rescue the town council and Mayor Courdry.

The giant is a terrifying foe that very nearly crushes Desmond with a thrown rock before the fight even gets started.  Expert teamwork allows the group to defeat the giant quickly enough to let them also turn and help retake the town hall alongside the  Blackmantle's forces.


" We saw the giant sitting on the jailhouse of the barracks and that there was something happening at the inn. I used the darkness to approach and saw that the goblins and hobgoblins were inside, using some townsfolk to serve them. I found one such man in the pantry collecting a barrel and told him to spread word to William Black’s brother who he told me had been allowed to roam the town to collect supplies. When I got back to the others they had been contacted by an agent of Blackmantle, who wanted to meet with us. I don’t trust them overall, but I was willing to work for them to free the town. After we told them about the Dwarves, they told us the two biggest problems to be dealt with in the town was releasing the guards, who were being watched by one of two giants that had showed up, and freeing the town council. We decided to take on the giant, and after a fight involving it and a small group of goblins led by a hobgoblin, freed the town guard. We decided to go check on the progress of freeing the town council and found the enemy backed into the room with he prisoners by a group led by Blackmantle. The enemy was led by a powerful magic user and I was knocked unconscious by his magics. I’m told that after killing him Blackmantle immediately left. If we encounter them ag"ain I believe the meeting will go differently, with a much different tone.

The Conquest of Grayson part 04

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