Welcome to the New Age

The Thaw part 03

or Hedge Magic

February 13, 25NA

The path to the heart of the woods leads into a thorny hedge, guarded by sinister animated plants and goblins.  All this leads to the a confrontation that the Heralds might not have expected as the green dragon, Skadi emerges to do battle…


What in the living hell is that thing?!? It has scales, like me and Aideen… And it can talk? It looks like a big lizard and a bigger goliath had a baby!

The Thaw part 03

“It seems the fruit was left by someone Gareth talked to. It advised us to follow the river, and so we did. We found a wall of thorns and Declan used fire magic to burn a hole through the wall. We followed the path we found there and encountered some plants later some goblins. While fighting the goblins that creature that forced actions out of Aideen attacked us before teleporting away again. We followed the path and ran into a large scaled creature that called itself Skadi.”

The Thaw part 03

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