Welcome to the New Age

February 13-19, 25NA

Skadi proved to be a formidable foe, nearly taking down the party before being slain himself.  With his destruction, the hedges and unnatural growth began to fade, rotting quickly.  When the dragon fell, power emanated from the corpse, eventually culminating in a tremendous blast that shook the earth and toppled trees.  A line of white light rose high into the sky, doubtless visible for miles around.

Sadly, in the aftermath of the battle, the hatchling owlbear was discovered to be dead from the potent toxins that Skadi spread.  Severus Brown was also determined to be dead, apparently sacrificed In a rite to make the blighted plants the party fought.

Quercus revealed himself to the party, and they were somewhat surprised to find him to be an Ent.  He escorts the party back to Greywinder village, though he doens't reveal himself to the villagers.

Several days pass recovering in Greywinder, before the party meets Bedelia McGonigal, head of the Druid orders.  The group has experienced an increased appetite since killing the dragon and a greater enjoyment of food in general.  All their senses seem slightly heightened now.

McGonigal brings the party back to the druid's settlement where she uses her magics and expertise to examine them, but says she finds nothing wrong with them after their experiences.


“We fought the creature, who seemed to have magical control over the vines and thorns in the area. He caused them to grow and tangle some of us before moving forward to breathe out some poison. The thorns grown around my friends continued to bite into them as they tried to escape, and only Declan and Gareth did while Desmond and I fought the creature. Its attacks caused Desmond and I to fall unconscious, and Declan healed me with the flying thing we found while gathering one of the stones for Dialb. The creature had moved away from where I was, seemingly having moved Desmond’s body into the building it was keeping its hoard. Gareth moved to attack it and it responded in kind, causing him to fall unconscious while causing more thorns to grow around Declan. It grabbed Gareth and moved him to the broken floor above the water in which it stood. I leapt over and prepared a potion, which it questioned the wisdom of. It moved away to deal with Declan, who had fired rays of fire at its back, and when it returned Gareth, whom I had given the potion, attacked and killed it.

When it fell what seemed like lightning began to spark from its body, and we grabbed Declan and Aideen and moved to a safe distance. An explosion came from the pool we left it as a beam of light shot into the sky for about a dozen seconds and a wave of light passed under us. When we returned all that was left was the creatures bones. Searching the building we found the remains of the druid Severus Brown. The creature that had left the fruit that had talked with Gareth, an ent it called itse3lf, came and talked with us as it guided us back to town.

After a few days in Greywinder some druids showed up, having been told what occurred by the ent, and asked us about what had happened. The leader of the group, Bedelia McGonigal, asked us if we would return to the druid settlement to investigate the wave of light that had seemingly done something to us."

The Thaw, part 4

By the power of Greyskull (I read that in an Old Age comic book), that was one hell of a fight! I don’t know what Skadi was, but I’m not looking forward to fighting four more of them.

The Thaw, part 4

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