Welcome to the New Age

The Thaw, part one

Lions and tigers and Owlbears, oh my!

February 5-11, 25NA

The Heralds are given the choice of two tasks, with the other falling to the guards.  The first was to investigate attacks by some kind of "part bear, part owl creature" near the logging camp in the Greywinder Woods.  The second involved missing families in the mountains.  The first was chosen due partially to the fact that Severus Brown seems to have gone missing for the Winter.

Partway through the first day of travel, Aideen discovered that Baldric had stowed away in her saddlebags. It was decided that the group wasn't going to turn back, so he was brought along to Greywinder Village.  The goblin child causes some friction in the group, but doesn't slow the progress overall.

They receive a warm welcome in Greywinder after four miserable days of chill spring rain.  Meeting with Oona Bristlebelt gave them information on the "Owlbear" attack.  The Heralds also spoke with a gnome named Laszlo who was the only survivor of the attack.

So the group left the village and started following the path to the site of the attack.  On the first night, as the party makes camp, Gareth uses some of his magic to speak to a local bird, who warns him that animals are being pushed away from the deep woods by something that has erected thick thorny hedges.

Remnants and cloth fragments marked the location of the attack but the trail is marred by the rain.  Iliken chose to manifest one of the patches from his robe of useful items- a pair of mastiffs- in the hopes that in the morning they might pick up the trail.  The party makes camp.

It is nearly midnight when the Owlbears attack.  One of the mastiffs is killed but the party comes out mostly unscathed from the fight.


I received the summons from the mayor’s office with some trepidation. First, it meant that it was probably time to close up my shop for a few weeks at least, and Second, it signaled to me that they think of me as the leader of the Heralds.

To ease my mind about the second (there was nothing, after all, to be done about the first), I took Gareth along with me to the meeting.

There were two possible tasks ahead of us, and we were given the choice of which to tackle. We decided to investigate the reports of “owlbears” within the Greywinder Woods.

We informed the council of our decision, and, after a brief time to gather our supplies, left for Greywinder Village.

All was going well (apart from the miserable damp), when I heard a sneeze from my saddlebag. Baldric had stowed himself away, and somehow kept himself hidden. But there he was eating my rations and using my (formerly) clean underthings as a hanky.

But we were already a good half a day away from Grayson, so the decision was made to press on (I chose to ignore my brother’s protestation that there was a third option we should consider). Eventually, to ease the wee goblin’s suffering (and ours) Gareth channeled some healing magic into him to clear up his illness.

Finally, we made it to the village, where we were given more information about our quarry. The last survivor of the scouting party was willing to speak with us, and gave us as much information as he could.

I hope we have some time when we return – I hope to be able to fashion a leg for him, and possibly work with their inventor to make it more functional than a simple replacement leg.

Then it was back out into the woods, to try to track down these Owlbears – or possibly Bearowls?

The Thaw, part one

All I have to say is that when I am the voice of reason, something is seriously amiss.

Aideen, I understand. She’s a woman, and even the best of them are eventually overcome by their own motherly nature.

But Desmond? What’s his angle? This creature obviously has something to do with his power, but enough is enough. If he wants to keep it around, he should actually start acting like he wants to be responsible for that thing.

The Thaw, part one

“At the end of winter we were given the choice of two problems in the area that needed to be investigated. We choose to go check on word of a strange owlbear creature attacking a logging group. We got some horses and headed off to Greywinder, bit shortly after setting off discovered a stowaway. It’s been three months and there still seems to be strong mixed feelings amongst the group. When we made it to Greywinder we chatted with the only survivor from the attack and decided to follow that group’s movements. There seemed to be something odd with the animals, so Gareth asked a bird why it was here. It told him that there was something driving them out of the forest and to look for the thorns if we wanted to know what. When we camped for the night we were attacked by a pair of owlbears, but escaped mostly untouched.”

The Thaw, part one

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