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Tortuga Part 2

But the fish is our friend...

The party made quick work of the Hydra, but as they searched the cavern, the diving bell started to lift!  A scramble for safety left them wet, but inside the sphere.

Unfortunately, shortly after they closed the door, the sphere stopped.  A voice, reminiscent of the fish-like creature they met at The Smithsonian, rang through their heads.

The Aboleth explained that it had thought that the Hydra would kill them, end the party’s lives in a heroic way.  It apologized that it had to betray them, but that they knew too much, and that it could not afford to let our heroes go.

Realizing that the safety they had worked so hard to attain had become a watery prison, the group worked fast to break free and attempt the swim to the surface.  

Before they could make the surface, though, the Aboleth himself attacked the party.  It made itself allies of the twins, promising to help them fulfill their deepest dreams.

With their help, the injured creature was able to swim off to tend to its wounds.  The twins, however, had to explain why their spells had turned against the rest of the party just as the fight was beginning to turn in the heroes favor.

At the surface, the pirates (strangely helpful, and offering no fight) gave the party the Sword of Sigurd and returned their mounts. Rather than make the trip overland, the group opted to teleport back to the great tree. 

Most of the Panthrows were returned to Wilks, and after a rest, the group turned its eyes to the next task ahead…


Our new ally just wants to help us reach our dreams, and I’m so glad that we can help him reach his goals in exchange.

He knows the dreams I’ve never spoken aloud… the happy home, the strong husband, the laughing children… the peace and the time to return to making art. Being friends – real friends – with Declan again, being able to watch him grow in his abilities…

Somehow our new friend knows of all of those thoughts and more, and wants to help me reach that place.

I’m so lucky, to have a friend like that.

I wish my other friends would understand… they keep trying to hurt him…

They don’t trust him.

I wish I could make them understand how much he just wants to help us all get to a better place…

Tortuga Part 2

Finally, after all this time, he will give me the answers I seek!

Why would the others want to hurt him? Can’t they see he’s going to give us all what we need?!?

He knows who Father is. He knows what Father is. And he’s going to tell me! Aideen will be so happy.

Tortuga Part 2

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