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Tortuga Part one

There's Something fishy here...

June 18-19, 25NA

Prince Padraig gives the group a parting gift, a lucky clover that Declan takes, and the party flies to Tortuga to attempt to meet and deal with Greybeard Seaworthy of the Depp Clan.

Tortuga proves to be an artificial island composed of hundreds of ships and lashed and anchored together.  While suitably impressed by the entrance the party makes, riding their winged mounts, they are still unwilling to allow the party to approach the captain without disarming them.  

Even when they meet with Seaworthy, a fight still breaks out.  Sheer numbers overcome the party and they are put in a brig to contemplate their situation.  The captain meets with Aideen, and seems to know her.  He tells her that he'll be able to give them the sword if they can defeat "the snake".  Also he suggests that he'll let them have their gear back for the fight.

The snake is found in an underwater air pocket that is only reached by a diving bell.  The group watches in fascination or horror as the creature comes into the air, a serpent with five heads…


We were relieved of nearly all of our gear and brought before Greybeard Seaworthy. Our tribute of the flail was enough to grease the wheels, but we were unable to reach an agreement on a trade we could offer for the sword.

There was something about the Captain, the way he looked at me, the way he spoke, that sort of nagged at the edges of my awareness. He looked me up and down, and I’m sure to most it seemed just the way most men might… but it put me more in mind of the Ilithid, as if he were trying to figure out how my insides worked.

A chill went over me as the thought of those monsters came unbidden. While I was debating what to do or say, Gareth took the decision away from me and lunged forward to attack.

The battle was brief, and I’m sorry to say we lost. I remember a cracking pain on the back of my skull, and then it gets a little hazy until we were brought into the hold to wait out the night.

The others had surrendered, agreeing to take our chances with the “snake”. If we defeated it, we would be free to go, with all our equipment and the Sword of Sigurd.

Still unarmed, I feared that we would not be given our gear before we were to fight the creature. Swallowing down my pride (and revulsion), I convinced a guard to bring me my focus. He got a little grabby, and I prayed that Declan would keep his peace. The guard bought my act of slightly loose, slightly simple woman, if only because that was exactly what he was expecting, and agreed to help me.

The next morning, Greybeard demanded my presence, and I was hauled above decks, alone. I’ll admit I was a little afraid, but once he had dismissed his followers his demeanor greatly changed. We were muddying up his plans, and he needed us gone as quickly as he could. He had to follow the rules of the Depp Clan, though, so as not to arouse suspicion. He told me that our gear would be waiting for us, and reaffirmed that if we could defeat the beast he would give us our freedom, as well as the sword.

He refused to give me any information about his plans, or to answer my query when I asked if I had met him before. To both lines of questioning he simply responded that it wasn’t safe to tell me.

He explained that we would be dropped into the sea in a metal ball, and that our actions would be watched. Sure enough, after I was returned to the others and we were brought back up as a group, there was a large metal sphere waiting for us. Several large images of us appeared around the ring of ships as we listened to Greybeard give a speech (back to his much sterner and pirate-ier personality), and then we were shoved towards the device.

We had a few moments, as we dropped through the sea and out into an air pocket below, to gather our gear and ready ourselves. I filled the others in on my conversation with Greybeard, and then it was time to move. There was nothing in the cavern apart from some old bones, at least at first, but as we approached a pool at the far end, a head appeared.

And then another.
And another, and then two more…

Tortuga Part one

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