Welcome to the New Age


Homeward Bound

March 25-May 29, 25NA

The Heralds manage to escape pursuit by Wendigo when another dragon interferes.  The Red Dragon, Typhon, assaults Wendigo over territory dispute.  The dragons battle covers the party's escape.

The return to Nicholas' camp goes well after that, and the group, as well as the rescued slaves, all get time to rest.   Nicholas suggests that Aideen seek out his friend Samuel for advice on how to proceed in their "dragon problem".  Fizzle decides to stay with Nicholas, to attempt to recover away from the judgement of the folks back home.

It is decided to allow Declan to use the remaining teleportation scroll, but he lost control of the casting, and the scroll was destroyed. 

And so the long walk home begins.  The trip involves taking a pair of boats across the inland sea crossing from what was once Canada to the former United States.  The trip runs overland from there, and a few close calls with danger and a near miss from the hunchback and a large party of orcs follow their steps home.

Near Roanoke, the party meets Samuel, who helps them overcome a trap in a cave and tells them of the current problems: Dialb has come through the gate in the Greywinder Wood and declared war on Caer Nimir by the forces of Summer.


The white dragon, Wendigo, landed heavily, and took a moment to breathe in our scents before bounding after us. He yelled at us, in the language Declan and I used to believe was just our own. “Murderers… I will KILL you!” rang out from behind us as we ran for our lives.

And then, from nowhere, another dragon (a red one this time) struck it from the side. The pair barrelled into one of the nearby buildings, gouts of fire erupting from behind the walls. I was able to catch a fragment of their words:

“The Orcs may be yours, but you passed through my territory! You did not beg my permission…”
“Typhon, I didn’t think you would care!… No… you don’t understand! They are getting away…”

And getting away we were, the sounds of the fight blessedly dwindling behind us. Before we knew it we had rejoined forces with the Knights, and then we were back to their camp. The sortie had been successful, the slaves freed, the leadership of the Orcs much reduced.

Before we were sent on our way, Nicholas offered to answer any questions we might have. The red dragon, Typhon, lairs in the flooded remnants of Manhattan, and is strongest of the five siblings. In addition, Nicholas was able to tell us a little more about the two we haven’t yet seen; Grendel, the black, lairs in the Ogrefens in what was once Florida. Sirocco, the blue, dwells among the Gnolls in the ruins of the Aztecs.

He also suggested that the black-hooded, hunchbacked figure we had seen in that dark meeting so long ago might be an angel. He guessed that he might have been cast out from a divine realm for ambition and deal-making.

I asked him, quietly, if he knew anything of where our mother might be. He knew what they had done with her, but added that they were not done with her or with the DC area. He thought that if we run into those monsters again (he described them as being from the darkness between the stars), they may well still have her. It is ill news, of course, and I hate to think of what they might be doing to her even now, but it was somewhat cheering to hear that she may not be in Paris as we had previously thought.

After answering our questions, he asked me to have a private word with him. He had found the note I had left for him, and thought he had a way we might be able to help each other. He suggested that we should look for his old friend, Samuel (most recently living in the ruins of the white house). He thought that Samuel may be able to help us fight Wendigo – and that after we were able to deal with that threat, that we may be ready to seek our answers in the Castle of Ravens. Before we rejoined the rest of the group, he told me “You’re doing good work, and you shouldn’t let occasional setbacks push you off course.”

Fizzle informed us that he was going to stay, to try to get better without having to face the judgement at home. The rest of us rested, and then Declan attempted to get us home with the remaining scroll. The casting failed, however, and we were faced with the reality of travelling home the long way. We each were responsible for one of the facets of our travel – and I had to accept that I am ill-suited for journeys such as these. I found myself in the roll of lookout, but it was as much by default as anything else.

The first part of the journey, across what the Knights had called a sea, might have been enjoyable, if not for the bitter cold and the creeping hunger. Nicholas sent us off with as much in the way of provisioning as he could, and we had the jug for fresh water, but rations were at times slim, and the travel was hard. Knowing that Declan’s new form required meat more than I did, I quietly traded some of my portion for some of the bread that he enjoyed less. He noticed, but didn’t stop me.

The scenery of the water eventually revealed a rough (and seemingly abandoned) dock, but that night we were barely able to slip away from a large group of Orcs (speaking, chillingly enough, with a black-cloaked, hunchbacked figure).

Eventually, we came across a village, Alewife’s Lodge. We were able to reprovision, and it was cheering to speak with people outside of our group. They seemed interested in our tales, in particular a man Philip Colville seemed to regain a spark when we spoke of dragons.

It was almost June, and we were all tired – the deep in the bones exhaustion that comes from long travel over unfamiliar lands. Desmond had slipped off, and we were able to track him to a cave. Before we went in after him, however, a man appeared and warned us off. Several people had gone in the cave, he explained, and none had yet reappeared. Ilikan tied a rope around his waist and went in while the rest of us stood ready to haul him (and Desmond, thankfully) back out. They described a shining object, seemingly holding a number of creatures (mostly elves) in rapt fascination. They had also seen bones of beings which had not been so lucky as to have someone to drag them away.

The man introduced himself as Samuel, and a quick exchange confirmed that he was the man we had been sent to find. He agreed to accompany us to Grayson (and eventually, to seek Wendigo). We turned our steps to home, but not before making a sign (in as many languages as we could manage) warning that the cave was trapped.

Finally, about two and a half months after parting company with the Knights, we came into sight of home. It was clear something had happened in our absence, though… the walls were manned more heavily, and the stables now boasted a palisade.


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