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Unification Part 3

Finnegan's Wake

May 31- June 1, 25NA

After the traumatic events of the previous session, the party's plans to leave for Sigurd's sword are put on hold.

Declan and Aideen approach and Declan threatens Red Simpson, who seems mostly unafraid of the group and its bluster.  Declan decides to take his anger to the Mayor.

The rest of the group along with Baldric return from buying supplies to discover the body of Anne Finnegan in the kitchen.  After an angry visit to the Homely Sheep, they leave to find Declan and Aideen on their way to the Courdry home.

During the comparing of notes, Baldric slips away and bewitches Red Simpson as well as burning down the Porter's guild.  Upon noticing the fire and Baldric's absence the party splits to go and help put out the fire.

Iliken puts forth a very Goliath challenge at the Homely Sheep, and in an attempt to turn the challenge into a direct conflict suggests the Black Mantle ought to seek a balance by attacking the party's leader — which the town in general has accepted to be Aideen.

Declan gets drunk and wanders the town and out the gate to the home of Grumbar Brighthammer.  He is followed by Desmond and the two of them discuss what might be involved in restoring Mrs. Finnegan to life.

Baldric confesses his crime but refuses to be arrested by the sheriff and teleports away.

Illiken, Nancy Healy, and Gareth pursue Aideen who travels to the tower to seek refuge from the Black Mantle and the the death sentence she believes is laid over her head now.  She does not get the sympathetic welcome she had hoped but is allowed to remain, with Gareth left as a watchman over her.

Iliken, Declan, and Desmond meet Grumbar at the doctor's office and each of the three give an impassioned speech to attempt to guild Anne Finnegan back to the land of the living.


“Sometimes good people make bad choices. Great people don’t let that define them.”

(I went back and forth all week on whether I wanted to write something more lengthy, but ultimately, decided shorter was better.)

Unification Part 3

Declan and Baldric apparently do have something in common – the lengths they were willing to go to to find their revenge for Ms. Finnegan bound them together, at least for the afternoon.

I followed Declan to speak with Red, but wasn’t allowed in. I don’t know what happened, but Red came out, telling his men to clear off, saying that Declan was going to burn the place down. He didn’t… but Baldric did, taking the added precaution of using his magic to hold the porters and prevent them from doing anything about it, or really even noticing it was happening, for that matter.

It wasn’t long before the sheriff came looking for Baldric, but he (predictably) refused to go along quietly, preferring instead to disappear off to somewhere.

I wanted to tell Mother what was going on, Declan didn’t wish to go, and frankly I didn’t have the energy to try to talk him into it. I crossed town to speak with her, and shortly after I got through the whole story (and she had chastised me for walking through town alone), there was a knock at the door. A moment after she opened it, there was a scream, and I went running to see what had happened.

Red Simpson, bloodied and beaten, fell through the doorway. A small handprint (suspiciously goblin-sized… I suspect from whatever spell was laid on him) was visible on his forehead. The man himself was wavering along the line of unconsciousness, and was dangerously close to death.

Ilikan and Gareth arrived, looking to warn me (like I wasn’t already painfully aware I was a potential target of Blackmantle – although apparently Ilikan had made it somehow worse). We rigged up a sling from a sturdy blanket, and hurried Red towards the doctor.

There was so much pain and fear and anger around, and I had been trying to handle it all day. I had been trying to be the calm one, the reasonable one. I had only sort of stopped Declan from doing something rash, and then Baldric went and did it instead – and worse, ran off to God-knows-where.

We were on the way to the doctor, and Mother was nattering at me about… something. Asking how I could do this, and wasn’t I afraid, and wasn’t this awful, and on, and on.

And something in me just broke.

In that moment, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was angry, and grieving, and scared. I didn’t have the strength to keep myself together, and keep Mother together too.

I didn’t really even notice I had done it until I was already sprinting away… I snapped at her, and then ran. I ran as fast as I could, racing to the town gate. I just wanted to be safe, so I could compose myself and be ready to face the next morning. The only place I could think of was the Tower.

So I ran.

At one point, I ran into Sam, landing on my rump in the road. I couldn’t even find the strength to tell him what was going on – I just asked him to watch over my mother – and then I kept running.

Ilikan caught up with me, but agreed that it was a reasonable place to go… I just was glad he didn’t fight me on it, or insist that we wait for Mother to catch up, or even want to talk. We just ran.

By the time we reached the Tower, I had regained enough of myself to be able to tell Magister Aelwen (and Gwythr ap Llewellyn) the tale.

Gwythr, for his part, drew me into a sort of verbal dance, trying to refuse his offer of protection. I’m not sure what his end goal was, but it felt dangerous, somehow. I tried to be gracious, but firm, in my refusal of his offer. We are on the same side, but he is one to keep an eye on.

The Magister did grant me the sanctuary I requested – but not without taking advantage of the moment to call my courage into question, and to question what I thought of my companions’ loyalty. I was furious, but had no desire to call her out on her behavior in front of so many others. Tomorrow, I will try to have a private word with her, and in the meantime I will refuse all amenities she may offer. Rude, of course, but sometimes a little rudeness is called for…

Unification Part 3

I have never been a man of faith.

Grumbar’s God, there is something tangible there. Power. Maybe not measurable, but certainly evident. I’ve seen him do things.

So that’s why I went to him. That’s why I asked him.

Reverend Jansen is a good man, but I could never subscribe to his way of thinking. And it’s hard to believe anyway… His God grants no power; there is no evidence.

Maybe that is the true measure of faith.

Unification Part 3

“We found our housekeeper dead and the Healy’s gone. We went looking for them and found the two of them, but lost Baldrick in the process. We found him near the porter’s guild, which was on fire. He told us he had set it and left as we began working the buckets to put it out.

I went and told the mayor what had occurred and went to the Homely Sheep. I made a speech and may have convinced black mantle to attack Aideen’s. I went to find her with her mother and found a flayed Red Simpson. We began bringing him to the doctor before Aideen left to go to the tower. After escorting her I returned to our home to find Declan has arranged for Grumbar’s help in asking the gods to return Anne Finnegan."

Unification Part 3

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