Welcome to the New Age

Winter Days

How i spent my Winter Vacation

October 31, 24NA to February 5, 25NA

The Elves are grateful for the aid of the party in recovering the fingerleaf for the cure to Gwythr ap Llewellyn's poisoning.  Several days are spent among them, learning and celebrating before a return to Grayson and the lives interrupted by their adventures.

As the weeks pass, the party takes on differing tasks and some are more successful than others in their endeavors.  Mrs Finnegan continues to care for the goblin baby, who grows extremely quickly, though no one seems to know if this is unusual.  By February, the child is walking mostly unaided and talking in broken common — nearly ready for some sort of formal schooling, if any is to be given.


“We delivered the herb to the elves, and after its use the person flew out of Gwythr’s mouth in the form of insects. The gardener then treated Desmond, removing the curse on him. We stuck around for a celebration in which we were named elf friend. We returned to Grayson and spent the winter there.

Winter Days

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