Annah Keencut

Head of the Mining Guild of Ringing Hammer Hold


Annah is unusual among the dwarves in that she is blond. Her brother and sister dwarves are mostly red headed or black haired. She is a well muscled, tough looking woman with a squared jaw and a quick smile.

She is often found wearing the tough leathers and helm of the mining guild, and usually is in need of at least a facecloth to remove the dirt and dust from her.


Annah claims that the stone of mountains speaks to her, though she claims no clerical or magical prowess. The claim is backed up by the fact that her teams have brought back more valuable ore than any other. This has lead to her being appointed to head the newly formed mining guild — a sort of union looking after the needs and wants of the miners of the mountain, arguably the lifeblood of the Dwarfhold.

Annah Keencut

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