Bruce Courdy

Mayor of Grayson


Courdry is in his mid fifties, his blond hair is well tinged with grey. He doesn’t tend to stand on ceremony much and still wears the leather coat his wife made him thirty years ago. He is aware that he sets an example for the citizens of Grayson and attends the drills for the militia three mornings a week.

He lost the last two fingers of his left hand to a goblin in the early days of the town, making the mistake of thinking they might turn out to be allies like the Elves and Dwarves. The lack made him switch from Great Weapon fighting to axe and shield.

He is good friends with Gwythr ap Llewellyn, an alliance built of long shared defense. He holds the respect of Grunr Stormbornthough the dwarf’s thin skin for insults makes for difficult negotiations.


Bruce Courdry ran with the Kingdom of Atlantia before the New Age. He was a card carrying tactical genius, having spent several years as a member of the Virginia National Guard and actually seeing action over four years in the Middle-East. He proved himself invaluable to the wargames played in the SCA.

When the end of the Old Age came, he was at the Grayson Campground with many of his friends and family. His organizational skills proved invaluable in turning a group of weekend campers into the largest survivor settlement in Virginia.

He allied his people with Gwythr ap Llewellyn and Grunr Stormborn for safety’s sake. He contacted the Virginia Amish settlement and they came together with the people of Grayson for security and safety, adding more skills to the populace.

When the fiends from Washington DC kidnapped women from Grayson, it was Courdry who led the team to get them back.

He has been mayor of Grayson for twenty years now, he’s getting long in the tooth, but is a force of stability in the region, holding the communities together.

Bruce Courdy

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