Danae Llewellyn

Princess consort of Caer Nimir, Huntress Ascendant


Like most elves, Danae looks much younger than she truly is. Among humans she might pass for fourteen or fifteen years old, willowy and pale, with midnight black hair and pale blue eyes. Her robes are blue and midnight purple, trimmed with silver decorations. She is rarely seen without her silver bow, though she does leave it behind for official events.


Danae married Gwythr a few years ago, in a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance. She and her husband are treated as royalty by the elves of Caer Nimir, and they live up to the expectations of nobility. She is well loved by her subjects and dedicated to her husband.
She leads the Rangers of Caer Nimir and is central to any religious or social event concerning hunting or war.

Danae Llewellyn

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