Grumbar Brightaxe

Ambassador for Ringing Hammer Hold


Grumbar has a thick black beard and a ready smile. Though he stands only about four feet tall, Grumbar is thick with muscle. He is known for his strength as much as his strong, pure voice.


Grumbar came to the town of Grayson with his lord, Grunr Stormborn, when they allied with the humans to recover the kidnapped women. Grumbar was already espousing a faith in the returned gods then, even calling down a miracle or two on that fateful trip.

After, Grumbar offered to stay near the humans and make certain that friendly relations between Ringing Hammer Hold and Grayson continued. He has a small building oustide the walls of Grayson out of respects for Reverned Jansen. He is a constant in town council meetings.

A number of younger townsfolk have been spending time with Grumbar over the last several years, and some have suggested that he is teaching them the worship of his “pagan” gods.

Grumbar Brightaxe

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