Grunr Stormborn

Craftmaster of Ringing Hammer Hold


Grunr is a block of muscle and hair topping out at about four and a half feet tall. He keeps his black beard in two pleats hanging down to his belt and dresses in leathers scarred with constant flashes of sparks from the forge.

In battle he wields a massive warhammer that he forged himself using skills re-awakened with the New Age. He is a devotee of Goibhnui, though not a cleric, and the symbol of god is impressed on his foes with every blow the hammer strikes.


Behind his back, Grunr is called the King of Ringing Hammer Hold. He neither confirms nor denies the title, instead seems to steadfastly ignore it. It cannot be denied that without his leadership there would be no Dwarfhold, nor would the town of Grayson exist, at least not in its prosperous current state.

Grunr doesn’t talk about his past before the New Age, but it is known that he was an accountant. He gathered a cadre of dwarves around him and settled in the cave system where Ringing Hammer Hold now sits.

His leadership brought the clan through the hard early years and to be one of the great holdings of the area.

Grunr Stormborn

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