Gwythr ap Llewellyn

Prince of the Winter Court, Leader of Caer Nimir


Gwythr is beautiful young man, blessed with nigh eternal youth. Black haired and lean with ice blue eyes. He wears long blue robes that drag effortlessly behind him


Gwythr ap Llewellyn was born ten years before the New Age came. He was a sickly child, born with a birth defect that was on the rise in those days. A weakened immune system and low tolerance for sunlight made him more of an indoor kid. He was obsessed with stories and tales, and was a gifted musician, with a voice and talent that belied his youth.

He was in the hospital when the gods returned. The boy claimed to have been visited by Mab herself in his sick bed. He claims that she fed him a morsel of the Salmon of Knowledge and made a bargain with him. He was given power and influence over the awakening elves and in return he would act as she directed, encouraging the growth of the Arcane into the world.

He gathered the elves around him and took them to a series of abandoned hunting cabins in the mountains, founding Caer Nimir.

Gwythr ap Llewellyn

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