Oona Bristlebelt

Headwoman of Greywinder Village, Owner of the Greywinder Mill


A full figured gnomish woman with white just beginning to intrude into her pale lavender hair, Oona is a mother hen to all who find their way into her reach.


In just the twenty years that her village has existed, Oona has buried two husbands, raised six children (her youngest daughter- Daise- has just turned sixteen, Her oldest twins were born just before the founding of the village and work as ambassadors in Ringing Hammer Hold and Caer Nimir.
Anyone entering into her sphere of influence receives a good mothering and no one has ever left her town hungry or in need of healing save by stealth or guile. That being said, she drives hard bargaining and makes certain the folk of the area understand just how important her village and her mill are to the well being of all the settlements.

Oona Bristlebelt

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