Welcome to the New Age

Chopping Maul 02
Or how I learned to stop worrying and kill goblins

October 18, 24NA

After escaping the cells in the goblin prison, our heroes find that they are in a lair belonging to the Poison Frog tribe.  They defeat Croaker, the tribes frog trainer and take his apprentice Tad prisoner.  Tad tells them that Chief Grum has taken most of the warriors to attack Grayson along with "General Skybreaker". 

Tad turns on them while in the party fights Mender — the tribe's shaman — and her apprentices.  Just before the fight, Aideen thought she saw a small creature in the goblins' great tree, a creature with eyes that flashed an angry green, but no sign of the creature was found.

The Shaman's altar held some clues as the goals, since there were the remains of a decorated egg simiar to a pair that rest in the office of Mayor Courdry.

The group decides to use a blocked passage to the second floor, one that seemed to be filled with filaments of fungus, but as Declan found, it was the webs of a monstrous, scarred spider.

Several of his companions have noted Desmond's newfound power and may be questioning why he hadn't revealed them before.

Chopping Maul 01

October 15-18, 24 NA

Mayor Bruce Courdry asks a group of young people from Grayson and the Wizard's Tower to investigate missing and mutilated cattle under the leadership of ranger William Black.  While on the trail, they come across a mysterious meeting between Orcs, Goblins, and other mysterious creatures.  A meeting that seemed to suggest that Grayson and Caer Nimir might be in danger.  

They are captured by a spell before they can slip away.  While unconscious, one party member makes a fateful bargain.  When they awaken the party finds itself captives of the Poison Frog Goblin tribe…


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