Welcome to the New Age

Alien Part 1
Silver swords and Tentacles

March 1-2, 25NA

The Heralds recover the petrified crew of the barge but are forced to leave most of the supplies behind.  Arriving at Tillman's Port the next day, they find the small village strangely quiet. A massive metal ship, pitted and rusted, sits at anchor off the shore.

Ned and Carl – two dock workers known to Aideen and Declan – help the party dock the barge but are otherwise silent.

A mysterious robed and bandaged figure with a massive greatsword confronts the party, insisting that the twins travel with him to meet whoever is here for them on the ship. The being insists that the rest of the group remain with the barge – which causes an argument but the twins eventually convince the party to remain while they go with the figure.

More beings dressed like the one escorting the twins seem to roam freely around the village, some leading strange part reptile part chicken creatures on leashed.

The twins are brought to the ship and lead to the bridge where they meet Sardsalk, one the same tentacle faced creatures the group saw in the Paris Laboratory.  Sardsalk demands their surrender for study in order to end whatever is being done to their mother at "DOSA".

Meanwhile, in the village, the rest of the group decides to make an move and breaks for the shore, hoping to steal a boat to reach the metal ship.

A fight breaks out on the ship between Sardsalk and the twins, culminating in Sardsalk nearly piercing Aideen's skull with its tentacles.  Just as the twins seem to be put under control, Iliken, Gareth, and Desmond arrive at the deck of the ship, starting a conflict to free the twins.  Their foes are revealed to be similar to the Githzerai encountered on the Abyss, though more warlike and less introspective.

Sardsalk unleashed it's terrible Mind Blast, leaving Iliken the last of the rescuers standing, but he perserveres.  Aideen is released by her captor and told to seek at "The Museum" for her brother and her answers…

Agendas, Epilogue
Hitting Rock Bottom

February 25-March 1, 25NA

James Anderson, Jr. Seems to exhibit no remorse over the death of his family and hints to the group about being pushed to act by a mysterious benefactor.

Still, no one seems to know where Nancy Healy is, so the Heralds arrange travel to Tillman's Port with a barge captain named named Ellen Harp.  On the evening before the party ought to arrive at Tillman's Port the barge is attacked by strange creatures, large multi legged reptiles that seem to transform their victims to stone with a look.  Captain Harp and her crew are petrified but the party is victorious.

Agendas Part Four
Ghost of a Chance

February 25, 25NA

Once de-cursed, Bruce Courdry helps the Heralds to piece together events leading up to his troubles.  The trail leads to the home of James and Susan Anderson, friends of the Mayor from the days before the new age.

The party confronts Susan in her sitting room, and she flees to the basement crying out that the party "won't take him".  After her death, the party is shown a spectral confrontation between James Anderson and an unseen opponent, ending in his apparent death.  

The vision shows the party the location of a secret door, one that they trigger a trap on before discovering a hidden basement behind it.  Nancy Healy seems to be chained to the far wall and warn the party off, but as they proceed, the ghost of James Healy attacks them, proving to be vulnerable to Gareth's smite.

"Nancy" proves to be the shape-changing offspring of James and Susan Anderson — one with murderous intent.  The strange "doppelgänger" is taken prisoner leaving the unanswered question: Where is Nancy Healy?

Agendas part three

February 24-25, 25NA

Things begin to get worse as Nancy Healy is nowhere to be found and Mayor Bruce Courdry's actions become more and more erratic.  The mayor even threatens Aideen and Desmond with a crossbow.

During the groups overnight rest, they send Mrs. Finnegan, Baldric, and Isabel to stay overnight at the Highwayman's Rest and keep watch together in their own sitting room.  Desmond, Iliken, and Declan all receive visitations in their dreams, though Desmond's is circumvented by his patron.

Iliken is warned by Black Mantle that the mayor is definitely acting out of character, as she had expected him to push harder against the new guild.  Declan is warned that his actions have cost the lives of four men, and that there will be a redress of the matter.

In the morning, the body of Isabel is found in Declan's bed with the number 1 carved into it.

The group summons the Constable who asks them to let his people handle this situation.

The group next travels to meet with council members, starting with Grumbar Brightaxe, whom they convince without meaning to, that the mayor needs intervention.  Grumbar discovers and dispels a curse on Bruce Courdry.

Agendas part two
Monday Night Smackdown

February 23-24, 25NA

The plot thickens as Red Simpson attempts to turn Aideen away from interfering in the Black Mantle's business.  Aideen has already partially taken steps to bring matters into the open, however and paints a target on herself.

The next morning, Gareth goes to the tower to request some special items.  Desmond attempts to reason with the halfings and then mayor, neither meeting bears fruit.  Aideen is met at her shop by several thugs who proceed to beat her unconscious.

Desmond finds Aideen and brings her home for treatment.  The Heralds split up, with Gareth and a recovered Aideen looking Bruce Courdry while Iliken, Declan, and Desmond hunt down the thugs that beat up Aideen.

Mayor Courdry is found at the "Highwayman's Rest" and the conversation with him reveals that Nancy Healy is missing.

The other half of the group tracks their enemies to "The Homely Sheep" and picks a fight that does not go as smoothly as they might have hoped.  Declan's magic leaves four men dead, and Iliken is forced to carry the unconscious forms of Declan and Desmond to safety.

Agendas part 01
or DND on the CW

February 19-23, 26NA

Things are not going well in Grayson when the Heralds return.  A new guild is causing trouble getting shipments into the town.  The Town Council seems to be influenced by outside forces.  Mother Healy is confronted by Aideen who admits that she is being blackmailed by Blackmantle — who may just be Mayor Courdy's supposedly dead wife…

Meanwhile, at the monastery, Iliken discovers that an undead attack there accompanied the theft of a book.


The Thaw, part 4
Or Dragonslayer

February 13-19, 25NA

Skadi proved to be a formidable foe, nearly taking down the party before being slain himself.  With his destruction, the hedges and unnatural growth began to fade, rotting quickly.  When the dragon fell, power emanated from the corpse, eventually culminating in a tremendous blast that shook the earth and toppled trees.  A line of white light rose high into the sky, doubtless visible for miles around.

Sadly, in the aftermath of the battle, the hatchling owlbear was discovered to be dead from the potent toxins that Skadi spread.  Severus Brown was also determined to be dead, apparently sacrificed In a rite to make the blighted plants the party fought.

Quercus revealed himself to the party, and they were somewhat surprised to find him to be an Ent.  He escorts the party back to Greywinder village, though he doens't reveal himself to the villagers.

Several days pass recovering in Greywinder, before the party meets Bedelia McGonigal, head of the Druid orders.  The group has experienced an increased appetite since killing the dragon and a greater enjoyment of food in general.  All their senses seem slightly heightened now.

McGonigal brings the party back to the druid's settlement where she uses her magics and expertise to examine them, but says she finds nothing wrong with them after their experiences.

The Thaw part 03
or Hedge Magic

February 13, 25NA

The path to the heart of the woods leads into a thorny hedge, guarded by sinister animated plants and goblins.  All this leads to the a confrontation that the Heralds might not have expected as the green dragon, Skadi emerges to do battle…

The Thaw part 02

February 11-13

The rain slacks off on the day following the owlbear attack, instead between the lessened intensity and the tree cover, the party travels through a cold mist for the day.  Declan and Desmond follow the tracks of the creatures, eventually leading the party to an owlbear nest beset by giant wasps!

The battle with the wasps takes a heavy toll on Iliken, but the rest of the party emerges essentially unharmed.  In the owlbear nest, the party finds three dead hatchlings and one live infant owlbear.  The siblings shoulder Iliken aside and simultaneously attempt to adopt the creature.

Carrying yet another infant monster, the party continues on its path, following older tracks deeper into the Greywinder Wood.  They are ambushed by goblins, strange wolf-like creatures of powerful size, and a creature later identified as a barghest — a demon in goblin shape.  The bargest ensorcells Aideen into killing the horses (leaving only Iliken's mount and Gareth's alive).  The monster sneaks away, along with one of the goblins, and is later found by the party, only to escape one more time.

The woods have been getting more and more wild, filled with thorny growths and dangerous thickets.  When they finally rest in a small clearing surrounded by jasmine flowers, Gareth has a conversation with a being identifying itself as "Quercus". 

Quercus warns the paladin of great dangers ahead, as the goblins work for the creature Skadi, who's presence seems to be twisting the woods, causing the strange growth.  When Gareth suggest the party will stick to their course, Quercus leaves them a few potions fruits as a gesture of help.

The Thaw, part one
Lions and tigers and Owlbears, oh my!

February 5-11, 25NA

The Heralds are given the choice of two tasks, with the other falling to the guards.  The first was to investigate attacks by some kind of "part bear, part owl creature" near the logging camp in the Greywinder Woods.  The second involved missing families in the mountains.  The first was chosen due partially to the fact that Severus Brown seems to have gone missing for the Winter.

Partway through the first day of travel, Aideen discovered that Baldric had stowed away in her saddlebags. It was decided that the group wasn't going to turn back, so he was brought along to Greywinder Village.  The goblin child causes some friction in the group, but doesn't slow the progress overall.

They receive a warm welcome in Greywinder after four miserable days of chill spring rain.  Meeting with Oona Bristlebelt gave them information on the "Owlbear" attack.  The Heralds also spoke with a gnome named Laszlo who was the only survivor of the attack.

So the group left the village and started following the path to the site of the attack.  On the first night, as the party makes camp, Gareth uses some of his magic to speak to a local bird, who warns him that animals are being pushed away from the deep woods by something that has erected thick thorny hedges.

Remnants and cloth fragments marked the location of the attack but the trail is marred by the rain.  Iliken chose to manifest one of the patches from his robe of useful items- a pair of mastiffs- in the hopes that in the morning they might pick up the trail.  The party makes camp.

It is nearly midnight when the Owlbears attack.  One of the mastiffs is killed but the party comes out mostly unscathed from the fight.


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