Welcome to the New Age

Hunger Part Four
A Ghastly Mess

A final,brutal encounter with Eleanor and Walter Grimsby: as well as the more than half-mad gnome necromancer, Fizzle Gingergrip ends with the party barely victorious.  The Grimsby's are destroyed and Fizzle is captive.  The party decides to seek help for the crazed wizard among the elves of Caer Nimir.

Now they just need to agree on how to get there…

Hunger Part Three
Monastery of the Damned

Krik the Orc proves to be less than helpful in his singleminded devotion to clan and to Wendigo. This point is proved to be moot when the group is attacked on the road by a swarm of skeletal crows that unleash a powerful necromantic spell among them before being destroyed by Aideen.

Upon reaching the monastery, the Heralds go through the front door only to be trapped inside the room with a wall scrambling horde of undead hungry for their flesh, accompanied by a re-animated frost giant corpse.  

After the desperate battle in the chapel and a difficult escape from the sealed chamber, the party moves up stairs, arriving on the roof of the building.  Fizzle Gingergrip, recognizable though much changed, retreats from the group into his tower laboratory, fearful both of and for the party.

While the majority of the group follows him into his lair, Iliken finds himself confronted by two ghouls, as well as Walter Jr and Eleanor Grimsby — both also now horribly undead…

Hunger Part Two
Cabin in the Woods

March 14-20, 25NA

The Cage house proved to have signs of recent trouble, including a pair of dead town guards.  Further exploration on the way to the Slocum house shows disturbing signs of necromancy and undead activity in the mountains.  Strange animate heads and buried skeletons are all over the place.

The Slocum farm proves to be just as devoid of life, but the Grimsby house has a surprise for the group in the form of a trio of ghouls and a pair of marauding undead bears who destroy the house trying to get at the party.  They also discovered a vision of what might have been the start of all this when Eleanor Grimsby attacked and killed her husband.

A map leads to a chapel deeper in the mountains, and the party travels along to a deeper place, finding the trees decorated with hung orcs.  One was found alive, and admits that the Burning Eye tribe was attempting to ally with the ghouls at the behest of Wendigo.

Hunger part one
Home is where they have to take you in

March 10-14, 25NA

The brand new Declan is introduced to the population of Grayson.  Reviews are mixed.

While there is a strong drive to return to Tillman's Port, Mayor Courdry pleads for caution and instead decides that the group might be better put to use looking in the mountains for the two missing patrols as well as the missing homesteaders.

Recongnizing the Fizzle Gingergrip is still unaccounted for, Gareth asks a local ranger and fur trader to have a look for him near Roanoake — the only major stop on his itinerary. 

Gareth gathers information on the families up in the mountains and learns of the Grimsbys- one of the most well informed families in the Appalachians, as well as the Altizers, Slocums, Warrens, and Whitts. Some activity of the Burning Eyes – an Orc tribe – had been reported in the area months ago, but no one can confirm that they might be in the area in force.

The first home the Heralds find is the Cage Farm, and while they find the remains of two Grayson guards in the house, slaughtered but not devoured.

Alien, finale
Denouement with a Dragonborn

March 5-10, 25NA

The video files on the computer reveal more secrets to the party.  As they make ready to depart, securing the bunker in case they need to return, Declan gives in to temptation.

He places his hands on the door to the generated and is…transformed.  The draconic power in his magic is now pasted directly on his body, making him a beautiful, horrifying, dragon-man.  The reaction to his new appearance is predictably varies.

Creatures attempt to strike at the party as they leave the flooded city, but they return to the Stoutsails' ship and are delivered to the mouth of the Southfork River where they travel up to River Running, taking horses to return to Grayson.

The Interview with a Dragon part one
The Open Door

Excerpt from DOSA interview with D'Artagnan aka Argentium aka Breach Alpha

Interviewer:  You keep talking about a danger to us, can you elaborate on that some?

D'Artagnan:  Apart from you opening the doors of all reality?  Or are you intent on ignoring that? The fact is that your… Machines… Are an invitation to every predator out there.  There are beings out there, among the planes, that have waited to have such fertile hunting grounds.

I: Such as?

D: The Ba’Atori?  The Unseelie?  The Choir Celestial?

I:  Choir Celestial?  That sounds like… Angels?  That doesn’t sound so bad…

D: They are judges.  Are you honestly prepared to be Judged?

I: That DOES sound ominous, I guess. ::nervous chuckle::

D:  These things might sound familiar.  Comfortable myths. They are not.  They are not myths, not stories.  And they hold power.  Power that you haven’t seen here.

I: You mean magic?  ::Another chuckle::


I:  What are you doing?

D: Unintelligible muttering

I: Can we get the heat turned up in here?


Alien part Four

March 4-5, 25NA

Declan Healy is rescued.  The party's resources were stretched thin in the attempt and they withdraw to recover, leaving behind two men being experimented on by the Illithid.

They returned the next day to find the building was cleared of obvious threats.  The men left behind were missing and the ground floor seemed to have been scrubbed clean.  As the exploration continued, the party encounters three nearly invisible gelatinous creatures that attempt to "clean up" the group.

After the oozes are dealt with, the party discovers the expected secret basement.  It takes teamwork to get the Old Age lock open, but below are offices full of papers, a computer, some sort of generator, and one of the Illithid power sources.

Contact with the sealed door to the generator creates strange reactions among the party.  

And when the power source was applied to the computer… Secrets were revealed…

Alien part Three
Punting on the Green

March 3-4, 25NA

After taking a rest in Quill's hideout (aka the Lincolm Memorial), the rescue mission for both Declan and Nancy Healy is underway.  An approach in the rowboat unfortunately does not go unnoticed and the party faces fierce defenders upon the roof of the Smithsonian.  After dealing with the githyanki on the roof, the party takes their weapons, including one of the curious silver greatswords.  

Exploring the upper floor chambers they discover that something has emptied the water out of the building, a clue to this is discovered when they discover a large beetle working to repair the displays with an amber-like resin.  The remnants of Old Age knowledge and history are mostly intact, though a glimpse of the ground floor suggests it is in worse shape.

Following the faint sounds of moaning, the party finds a chamber that might have prisoners in it, but also encounters another patrol of Githyanki and an Illithid!

Iliken finds himself strangely vulnerable to the powers of the Ilithid during the ensuing fight and is turned against group making the fight that much more difficult.  During the combat, Declan stumbles out of the room and helps the group finish off the creatures, leaving them all together but winded…

Alien part two
The Heralds Go To Washington

With Declan missing and the cargo ship sinking the party takes a ride with the Stoutsail halflings to Washington where they meet a strange Teifling who allies with them to force the Illithid from the Smithsonian.

Meanwhile, Declan languishes in captivity, blindly killing one of his jailers 

Alien Part 1
Silver swords and Tentacles

March 1-2, 25NA

The Heralds recover the petrified crew of the barge but are forced to leave most of the supplies behind.  Arriving at Tillman's Port the next day, they find the small village strangely quiet. A massive metal ship, pitted and rusted, sits at anchor off the shore.

Ned and Carl – two dock workers known to Aideen and Declan – help the party dock the barge but are otherwise silent.

A mysterious robed and bandaged figure with a massive greatsword confronts the party, insisting that the twins travel with him to meet whoever is here for them on the ship. The being insists that the rest of the group remain with the barge – which causes an argument but the twins eventually convince the party to remain while they go with the figure.

More beings dressed like the one escorting the twins seem to roam freely around the village, some leading strange part reptile part chicken creatures on leashed.

The twins are brought to the ship and lead to the bridge where they meet Sardsalk, one the same tentacle faced creatures the group saw in the Paris Laboratory.  Sardsalk demands their surrender for study in order to end whatever is being done to their mother at "DOSA".

Meanwhile, in the village, the rest of the group decides to make an move and breaks for the shore, hoping to steal a boat to reach the metal ship.

A fight breaks out on the ship between Sardsalk and the twins, culminating in Sardsalk nearly piercing Aideen's skull with its tentacles.  Just as the twins seem to be put under control, Iliken, Gareth, and Desmond arrive at the deck of the ship, starting a conflict to free the twins.  Their foes are revealed to be similar to the Githzerai encountered on the Abyss, though more warlike and less introspective.

Sardsalk unleashed it's terrible Mind Blast, leaving Iliken the last of the rescuers standing, but he perserveres.  Aideen is released by her captor and told to seek at "The Museum" for her brother and her answers…


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