Welcome to the New Age

Atlantis part 5
Great MInds

March 7, 25NA

The confrontation with the Elder Brain of the Illithid is hard fought.  The Brain's defenders battle fiercely to protect it.  The Brain itself is possessed of terrifying psychic powers, leaving members of the group stunned with its onslaught.

As the battle nears its end, the Brain activates some mechanism, perhaps the very machine the Heralds came to stop it from using, and the entire city jumps to someplace else.  Harnessing the last of its power, the brain vanishes from the conflict leaving the Herald's stranded where ever the the city was taken…

Atlantis, part three

The battle with the gigantic worm claims the life of Barry Downtoes, leaving only a few pieces of bone gathered by Iliken in the hopes of raising him as others have been.

Joining forces with a group of renegade Githyanki, the Heralds plan an assault on the Illithid Elder Brain… If only they can reach it…

Atlantis part two

March 5-6

Stuff happened, big monster at the end…

Atlantis, part one

March 1-5, 26NA

The return of Grumbar leads the party to believe that there is trouble brewing with the Illithids on Atlantis.  They start their path to investigate.  The good ship, Harold, captained by Matilda Swain, will take them nearly to the island.  Chet Chummyhands and Beck will then take the party on a launch into one of large caves Gareth had seen.

In the dark tunnel the party is attacked by huge tentacled frog beasts, but get the better of the beasts after one swallowed Ta'Losh…


Winter 25NA to March 1, 26NA

A visit from Nicholas brings a bit of cheer to the folk of Grayson.  He delivers gifts and advice to the Heralds.

As the seasons begin to turn once more and a new spring the Heralds must plan their next actions.   Gareth wants to rescue Ellen Harp, the river boat captain who was petrified along with two of her crew when the group travelled to Tillman's Port.  Gareth already knew that the captain and her crew were taken to the returned island of Atlantis.  

More research suggests that the island might be in the hands of the Illithids.  Githyanki and human-snake hybrids.

As the Heralds begin to prepare for their voyage, a strange ripple and thunder seems to travel through the air.  A detonation happens in front of the new castle, announcing the return of Grumbar Brightaxe along with a group of the subterrainean elves.  Grumbar, somewhat damaged by his travels, tells them that the Illithid have taken the great DOSA machine from deep under the earth….


Fall into Winter, 25NA

A celebration in Ringing Hammer Hold goes well until the Heralds are called home.  Tragedy has struck: Queen Nancy has died while giving birth to her daughter, burned alive.

Grayson falls into deep mourning over the loss of their beloved queen.  Seven Days of mourning are declared by his Majesty. Lamplighter arrives to share in the grief over the loss of his former love. Lamplighters and Quill vanish shortly after the end of the seven days.

His daughter, now named Nancy Elaine Courdry, is a strange child with a lean almost whithered appearance and patches of dragon scale. Princess Nancy Elaine is named the heir to King Bruce's throne.

King Bruce call his army together to drive Dialb from the Greywinder Wood, returning in mid December victoriously. 

Just before the King's return, Aideen and Ta'Losh discover one the strange Githyanki servants of the Illithid standing over the crib of the infant princess and drive the creature off, though not before he gives his sword to Ta'Losh and leave the severed head of an Illithid… 


August 14, 25NA – ???

At the other end of the scroll lies a strange dark place, a tomb hidden somewhere in the Southern or Middle American lands.  Confrontation between an ancient undead wizard and the Blue Dragon, Sirocco, spills over into the party's hands.

Gareth delivers several telling strikes against the creature while the party deals with its were-leopard minions. The monster fells Gareth with a single word and then departs.  

Ta'Losh brings the party to the circle at Caer Nimir and from there, they begin to travel home to Grayson.  Gareth, perhaps harrowed by his recent brush with death, remains behind in Porth Mynydd.  He is often seen in the company of the ranger, Izzy.

Work begins on the keep of the Heralds of the New Age, with the dwarves of Ringing Hammer Hold lending their expertise. Ta'Losh begins a search for an apprentice.

Iron part two
All these adventures have One Word titles!

August 13, 25NA

The Heralds work their way through Dialb's keep, overcoming tricks and traps while attempting to stay ahead of the Fey Lord's servants.  The chase culminates in a confrontation in the throne room.

Overcoming Dialb's soldiers and the Mage that lead them, the Aideen gives the Golem its command to destroy itself.  Ta'Losh reads the scroll of Plane Shift and the party vanishes from the Feywild.

Iron Giant part 1
If you want a one-word title, write it yourself!

With Grendel behind them and Desmond missing, the Heralds found themselves once again with the task of rescuing one of their own.

Before they could go face Dialb, however, they were called back to Grayson.  The town's brightest had been developing a fearsome new weapon and hoped that the Heralds could make effective use of it.

The Iron Golem, set off within the fortress, would hopefully cripple Dialb's forces.  

The Heralds fought their way through the guards of the keep, and (eventually) saw through the fae trickery Dialb used to hide his dungeon.  

With Desmond and a few allies released, the Heralds only had to find a place to set off the iron golem and escape with their lives.  Only.

Ruin part 3

August 4-8, 25NA

Grendel's lair is full of massive alligators and dark waters.  The dragon waits to strike for a short while, but when he does the party matches the beast's savagery with their own determination.

In the end, the Grendel's power is broken by the Heralds and the dragon's power flows into them, further strengthening the group for the challenges yet to come.

But upon returning to the Keep of Ravens in the Upside Down, and using the bottled heart of the dragon the gain the two swords promised to Gareth and Desmond it is revealed that Desmond is an imposter.  A changeling sent by Dialb to gather up the black blade for some sinister purpose…



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