Welcome to the New Age

Big Apples, part 3

The inner tower is guarded by more fire giants and kobold cultists, which further test the Herald’s resolve.  Victory is a tedious affair, using resources the party might be able to afford to lose.  At last the final giant falls and the party looks down upon the lair of Typhon— a rippling pool of lava with small islands of volcanic rock as well as a lip of stone surrounding it.  The heat and toxic gases wash over the heralds as they prepare to face the beast in his lair…

Big Apples, part two

With the defeat of the trolls, the Heralds come under fire by seemingly source less fireballs.  They retreat to the shelter of a ruin to discuss their plan, where they are joined by Quill and Lamplighter.

A plan is formed to assault the tower while Lamplighter creates a distraction on the far side of the tower. The plan gets them to the shore, but not all of Typhon's folk are out of the way and the Heralds must contend with a trio of Fire Giants and a group of Kobold Acolytes.

Now they must breach the tower itself to confront Typhon…

Big Apples, part one

March 26, 25NA

The Heralds, along with Eidyr, travel north to New York and their confrontation with Typhon. A few days into the trip, Eidyr uncovers the tracks of a band of Orcs which they track to Bedford, a small town in what was once Pennsylvania, and the site of one of the DOSA labs.

A giant hedge has encircled the lab and cut off a portion of the town.  When Eidyr enters the hedge, he hears a strange, fey tune and sees the carnage of a battlefield.  One being cleansed by a construct seemingly composed of a wood-chipper and a cargo truck.  While the hedge is obviously expanding, it's rate seems slow enough that the Heralds decide to leave the problem for another day's worries.

The party leaves Bedford behind and carries on to New York City.  At the edge of the flood shore they can see the building, spouting gouts of fire and raised up on a hill of volcanic rock. Gouts of black smoke blot out the sun over the city.  Kobold tracks litter the shoreline, along with the tracks of Giants, Fire Giants from Eidyr's assessment.

When they begin to move towards the actual shore, they are set upon by savage trolls. Trolls that seemed to already know where to expect their approach.

Lucky Rabbits

The Heralds must confront John, soon to be known as John Rabbit, when they encounter him at Walter's tower.  Later they must track him down, since the power of a trickster might be required to open Columbia's cage.

Each member of the group is forced to reveal an embarrassing and difficult truth about themselves.  Everyone except Ta'Losh, who fails the test.  Rather than accompanying the party back for their journey to confront Typhon, John gives a large plastic key to Ta'Losh, assuring him that it will open anything.  Once.

Aideen returns the group to Grayson with her clerical powers.  Once home the Heralds learn that the angry dragon vented his rage on the villages near the coast and the forest, devastating Greywinder and Tillman's Port.

The party readies for a trip north.

To confront Typhon in his lair.

Shell Games, part two

A three way confrontation between the heralds of the New Age, the kobold agents of Typhon, and Lady Alitmora (along with her ally Nalfeshnub) plays out well for the Heralds, until the arrival of the dragon.

It would seem that the lure worked — now the Heralds just have to survive it.

Shell Game part one

March 14, 25NA

The return to Grayson leads to reunions with not just family and the city, but with Eidyr, as well.  The Elven ranger has been waiting for them at the king's request.

While waiting for the Herald's return, Eidyr stumbled onto a conspiracy among the children of Grayson, one that involves following and taking notes on figures in the city.

When the Heralds return, they share more information on the children and about Baldric— leading to an audience with the king that does not leave Aideen nor Desmond in a good light.

Still, the Heralds and their ally travel south to Walter's tower before heading towards the heart of Ogre territory at the former Epcott Center.  But they are not the only ones looking for the egg…

Sigil, part 2
Pizza with the Devil

Gazaar the angelic proprietor of the House of Five Curtains, provides the party with much needed information on the city of Sigil and places one might travel to.  He also warns them that the path home is guarded by Arkahn and other servants of Tiamat.

They visit the Lady's Garden and see the exotic and beautiful plants. They travel to the Hall of Legacy — filled with the the stories of dead gods, stillborn gods and deposed gods.  They travel to the House of Waiting, where a thousand prophesied kings wait to be called. It is here that the party meets Asmodeus.

The Lord of the Nine Circles comes to the party with a proposal.  He can help them get home, and provide information on the activities of the two remaining dragons, if they will agree to let him anchor his realm to theirs, insuring that they have the "benefit" of a "devil they know."

They ask for time to consider his offer.

Aideen returns to the astral ship and discusses Orik's proposal of having children with him to further the Githyanki race.

Ta'Losh seeks out Abraham Lincoln, perhaps as a joke, perhaps not.  But he does find the man, wrestling in a city arena against two orcs…

Sigil, part One

Oric and his followers take the Heralds out of Atlantis into the Astral sea.  The astral ship carries them safely out of the "Crystal Sphere" containing their world and into the "Phlogiston"— a purplish mist that fills the space between other Spheres.

Their destination is a city called Sigil, supposedly connected to many worlds and planes.

Sigil proves to be a massive metropolis full of confusing streets, but the heralds are told to seek out the "House of Five Curtains", a drug den run by a figure named Gazaar.  On the way to this place, situated near a large open air market called the Bazaar Bizarre, Ta'Losh is excited to see other Dragonborn.  

He meets Arkahn, a red dragonborn, who seems to be a servant of Tiamat.  Arkahn seems to take a great interest in the Herald's business, following them to the Bazaar Bizarre.

Confrontation is delayed, however, as Iliken finds the House of Five Curtains. Gazaar proves to be a flamboyant solar who seems enthusiastic to meet them…

Atlantis part 5
Great MInds

March 7, 25NA

The confrontation with the Elder Brain of the Illithid is hard fought.  The Brain's defenders battle fiercely to protect it.  The Brain itself is possessed of terrifying psychic powers, leaving members of the group stunned with its onslaught.

As the battle nears its end, the Brain activates some mechanism, perhaps the very machine the Heralds came to stop it from using, and the entire city jumps to someplace else.  Harnessing the last of its power, the brain vanishes from the conflict leaving the Herald's stranded where ever the the city was taken…

Atlantis, part three

The battle with the gigantic worm claims the life of Barry Downtoes, leaving only a few pieces of bone gathered by Iliken in the hopes of raising him as others have been.

Joining forces with a group of renegade Githyanki, the Heralds plan an assault on the Illithid Elder Brain… If only they can reach it…


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