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  • Unification part One

    May 29-30, 25NA

    The Heralds return home after a wearying journey to find the town of Grayson once more under threat by outside forces.  This time the threat is the fey lord named Dialb, whom the party had encountered the year before in …

  • Unification part two

    May 30-31, 25NA

    Ringing Hammer Hold and Caer Nimir are determined to make Bruce Courdry into a monarch.  Some people think is funny but Bruce seems overwhelmed.  

    Bridges are mended between the Healy twins and their mother …

  • Borderlanders Part 2

    June 8-9, 25NA

    The path into the hills and mountains is surrounded by the Hag-Oak trees, imports from the Feywild.  During the climb, signs are noted of medium sized creatures that may have hunted out other predatory creatures here, but …

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