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  • Unification Part 3

    May 31- June 1, 25NA

    After the traumatic events of the previous session, the party's plans to leave for Sigurd's sword are put on hold.

    Declan and Aideen approach and Declan threatens Red Simpson, who seems mostly …

  • Tortuga Part one

    June 18-19, 25NA

    Prince Padraig gives the group a parting gift, a lucky clover that Declan takes, and the party flies to Tortuga to attempt to meet and deal with Greybeard Seaworthy of the Depp Clan.

    Tortuga proves to be an …

  • Interlude: Columbia part One

    June 21- June 29, 25NA

    The Heralds are accosted by a gang of aggressive centaurs on the way home.  After a tough battle, they emerge victorious.

    Upon their return they find things are different in Grayson, the appointment of a …

  • Part two

    June 29-July 1, 25NA

    Dinner with the new King and his fiancé turns into a surprise announcement that the royal wedding will occur in two days.

    Various errands are run over the next day.  Tailors are procured, …

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