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  • Winter Days

    October 31, 24NA to February 5, 25NA

    The Elves are grateful for the aid of the party in recovering the fingerleaf for the cure to Gwythr ap Llewellyn's poisoning.  Several days are spent among them, learning and …

  • The Thaw part 02

    February 11-13

    The rain slacks off on the day following the owlbear attack, instead between the lessened intensity and the tree cover, the party travels through a cold mist for the day.  Declan and Desmond follow the tracks of the …

  • The Thaw part 03

    February 13, 25NA

    The path to the heart of the woods leads into a thorny hedge, guarded by sinister animated plants and goblins.  All this leads to the a confrontation that the Heralds might not have expected as the green dragon, Skadi …

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