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  • Chopping Maul

    October 15-18, 24 NA

    Mayor Bruce Courdry asks a group of young people from Grayson and the Wizard's Tower to investigate missing and mutilated cattle under the leadership of ranger William Black.  While on the trail, they …

  • The Conquest of Grayson part 04

    October 25-26, 24 NA

    The city of Grayson is now under the control of the goblin army, but it's citizens are ready for the first match to light the flames of rebellion.  

    A cold, late fall rain covers the party's …

  • The Conquest of Grayson, Aftermath

    October 26-29, 24NA

    The town of Grayson has been rescued.  Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Giants have all been dealt with. Our heroes are acclaimed by the town council as the saviors of the folk, and are now Esquires of Grayson - though what …

  • Fey Tales part 01

    October 29-30, 24NA

    The trip to the Greywood is cut off when a toxic cloud affects the party in their bird forms, forcing them to crash to the ground in the remains of a recent battle.  While attempting to determine what happened, …

  • Fey Tales part two

    October 30, 24NA

    The Fey Knight Dialb offers to turn over the fingerleaves if the party retrieves three stones for him from remote places he either can't or doesn't want to go.

    Each door is marked by a strange symbol. & …

  • Fey Tales 03

    October 30-31, 24NA

    The mummy's touch leaves a curse on Desmond, weakening him, leaving him with an unquenchable thirst.  After defeating the undead, the party explores a tunnel to a lower level, where gaining the stone requires …

  • Winter Days

    October 31, 24NA to February 5, 25NA

    The Elves are grateful for the aid of the party in recovering the fingerleaf for the cure to Gwythr ap Llewellyn's poisoning.  Several days are spent among them, learning and …

  • The Thaw

    February 5, 25NA

    Bruce Courdry looked over the lists that John Black had turned in.  The last time stores had been this low was that first winter, when most of the food they had was scavenged canned goods and a few poorly salted …

  • The Thaw part 02

    February 11-13

    The rain slacks off on the day following the owlbear attack, instead between the lessened intensity and the tree cover, the party travels through a cold mist for the day.  Declan and Desmond follow the tracks of the …

  • The Thaw part 03

    February 13, 25NA

    The path to the heart of the woods leads into a thorny hedge, guarded by sinister animated plants and goblins.  All this leads to the a confrontation that the Heralds might not have expected as the green dragon, Skadi …

  • Agendas part two

    February 23-24, 25NA

    The plot thickens as Red Simpson attempts to turn Aideen away from interfering in the Black Mantle's business.  Aideen has already partially taken steps to bring matters into the open, however and paints a target …

  • Agendas part three

    February 24-25, 25NA

    Things begin to get worse as Nancy Healy is nowhere to be found and Mayor Bruce Courdry's actions become more and more erratic.  The mayor even threatens Aideen and Desmond with a crossbow.

    During the …

  • Agendas, Epilogue

    February 25-March 1, 25NA

    James Anderson, Jr. Seems to exhibit no remorse over the death of his family and hints to the group about being pushed to act by a mysterious benefactor.

    Still, no one seems to know where Nancy Healy is, so …

  • Alien part two

    With Declan missing and the cargo ship sinking the party takes a ride with the Stoutsail halflings to Washington where they meet a strange Teifling who allies with them to force the Illithid from the Smithsonian.

    Meanwhile, Declan languishes …

  • Alien part 4

    March 3-4, 25NA

    After taking a rest in Quill's hideout (aka the Lincolm Memorial), the rescue mission for both Declan and Nancy Healy is underway.  An approach in the rowboat unfortunately does not go unnoticed and the party …

  • The Interview with a Dragon part one

    Excerpt from DOSA interview with D'Artagnan aka Argentium aka Breach Alpha

    Interviewer:  You keep talking about a danger to us, can you elaborate on that some?

    D'Artagnan:  Apart from you opening the doors of all …

  • Alien, finale

    March 5-10, 25NA

    The video files on the computer reveal more secrets to the party.  As they make ready to depart, securing the bunker in case they need to return, Declan gives in to temptation.

    He places his hands on the …

  • Hunger Part Four

    A final,brutal encounter with Eleanor and Walter Grimsby: as well as the more than half-mad gnome necromancer, Fizzle Gingergrip ends with the party barely victorious.  The Grimsby's are destroyed and Fizzle is captive.  The …

  • North, part one

    March 24, 25NA

    The attempt to travel directly to Caer Nimir goes awry and the party finds themselves in a prison along with a group of human slaves being kept by the Rancid Ox orcs.  They aren't certain where they are and the …

  • Trek

    March 25-May 29, 25NA

    The Heralds manage to escape pursuit by Wendigo when another dragon interferes.  The Red Dragon, Typhon, assaults Wendigo over territory dispute.  The dragons battle covers the party's escape.

    The …

  • Unification part One

    May 29-30, 25NA

    The Heralds return home after a wearying journey to find the town of Grayson once more under threat by outside forces.  This time the threat is the fey lord named Dialb, whom the party had encountered the year before in …

  • Unification part two

    May 30-31, 25NA

    Ringing Hammer Hold and Caer Nimir are determined to make Bruce Courdry into a monarch.  Some people think is funny but Bruce seems overwhelmed.  

    Bridges are mended between the Healy twins and their mother …

  • Unification Part 3

    May 31- June 1, 25NA

    After the traumatic events of the previous session, the party's plans to leave for Sigurd's sword are put on hold.

    Declan and Aideen approach and Declan threatens Red Simpson, who seems mostly …

  • Borderlanders Part 2

    June 8-9, 25NA

    The path into the hills and mountains is surrounded by the Hag-Oak trees, imports from the Feywild.  During the climb, signs are noted of medium sized creatures that may have hunted out other predatory creatures here, but …

  • Tortuga Part one

    June 18-19, 25NA

    Prince Padraig gives the group a parting gift, a lucky clover that Declan takes, and the party flies to Tortuga to attempt to meet and deal with Greybeard Seaworthy of the Depp Clan.

    Tortuga proves to be an …

  • Tortuga Part 2

    The party made quick work of the Hydra, but as they searched the cavern, the diving bell started to lift!  A scramble for safety left them wet, but inside the sphere.

    Unfortunately, shortly after they closed the door, the sphere stopped. …

  • Interlude: Columbia part One

    June 21- June 29, 25NA

    The Heralds are accosted by a gang of aggressive centaurs on the way home.  After a tough battle, they emerge victorious.

    Upon their return they find things are different in Grayson, the appointment of a …

  • Part two

    June 29-July 1, 25NA

    Dinner with the new King and his fiancé turns into a surprise announcement that the royal wedding will occur in two days.

    Various errands are run over the next day.  Tailors are procured, …

  • Interlude: Columbia part Three

    July 1, 25NA

    Two miraculous revivals occur as Grumbar Brighthammer calls upon the powers of the Gods to return life to Grunr Stormborn and Gwythr ap Llewellyn.  Heartfelt speeches by Aideen and Gareth help the ritual's success …

  • Interlude: Columbia part Four

    The battle at the Homely Sheep was bloody and hard-fought on both sides.  After felling Aideen, Black Mantle cut down Desmond and Gareth before seizing Aideen’s corpse and teleporting into her network of tunnels.

    The remaining …

  • Pursuit part 1

    July 3, 25NA

    The decision is made to pursue Black Mantle.  When the trail under the Homely Sheep leads only to the strange calendar stone, and signs point to a ritual.  Reactivating the ritual leaves the party in a strange, dark, …

  • Pursuit part 2

    AN52, 3 Yluj

    The fight with the spider creatures goes poorly.  One by one, each member of the Heralds falls before the creatures until only Desmond stands over the bodies of the last two foes.  

    Finding his friend's& …

  • Pursuit, part 3

    AN52, 4 Yluj 

    Aideen wakes changed.  She has a new faith and confidence in a higher power: The Raven Queen.  She has sacrificed her old life for a service to this strange …

  • Rebirth

    I was woken by two things - an annoying tingling numbness in my right hand and arm, and an equally irritating dripping noise.  As I blinked my eyes I realized I was not where I had fallen asleep.  It was very dark, but I could tell I was in a …

  • Pursuit, finale

    The town hall in the upside-down of Grayson is watched by alert (but not too alert) guards and a pair of Zombie Fire Giants.  With a priority on confronting and ending Black Mantle, Illuvere and Simbar volunteer to hold off the zombies and the …

  • Gateway, part one

    July 5-15, 25NA

    Black Mantle is dead, and the threat she represented to the town of Grayson is no more.

    But for the Heralds of the New Age, their challenges in the Upside Down were not over.  The proposed exit in the graveyard …

  • Gateway part two

    July 15-16, 25NA

    Fey Touched dinosaurs and iron booted redcaps prove not to stand in the way of the Heralds of the New Age.

    The next day, scouts report a battle taking place outside of Porth Mynydd- the gate is under …

  • Gateway, part three

    July 16, 25NA

    The battle for Porth Mynydd wages on.  The Heralds confront an assault by elite soldiers, including a Knight on a demonic horse.  Routing the last of that group's archers, they move on to confronting a group …

  • Gateway part 4

    July 16-17, 25NA

    The fight with the command staff for the Summer Fey siege is bitter and fierce and the reinforcements of the Fey Blackguard and his archers doesn't make victory any more assured.

    Still, the Heralds pull off  …

  • Beasts part one

    July 17-24, 25NA

    The Heralds travel up the road to Caer Nimir and meet with Gwythr ap Llewellyn to plan their trip into the Burning Eye territory.  They are introduced to Eidyr, a Lord Scout-Commander and the most familiar ranger with …

  • Beasts, part two

    The Burning Eyes camp proves itself resourceful and enthusiastic in its response to the Herald's attacks.

    After luring a patrol out to investigate a campfire and killing them, the Herald's find themselves the targets of burning …

  • Beasts part three

    The Heralds and their new companion, Eidyr, face off against the orcish bear cavalry and the chieftain- a deadly combatant.

    The fight stirs the ire of the dragon, though, and it brings the entire Orc village down into the mountain.

  • Beasts part four

    July 24, 25NA

    The Heralds confront the Cannibal Winter Wind in its lair.  The wyrm targets Ta'losh heavily beginning a powerful exchange of draconic power versus draconic power.

    The beast falls under the powers …

  • Ravens part one

    July 25, 25NA

    In the aftermath of the the death of Wendigo, the Heralds must decide whether to push on after Typhon's claim that Grayson was in danger or take a well earned rest.  Luckily they were able to get the aid of a …

  • Ravens part two

    The fight between the elves and the gnomes (along with the Heralds) is brutal.  Powerful magics are tossed back and forth and only their mage is able to escape.  T

    Several of the leaders of the gnomes, as well as Dorian Wilks, are …

  • Ravens part three and four

    The trip through the forest and bog proved to be of little difficulty to the Heralds, even including an encounter with an aggressive party of Ogres (some with two heads!).  In defeating the ogres, the party met with a strange group of animals who …

  • Ruin part 1

    August 3, 25NA

    Leaving behind the Tower of Walter, the Heralds move deeper into the Ogrefen, traveling ever onward to the south and east.

    Several days into the trip they are ambushed by a hunting party of lizard men and a pair of …

  • Ruin, part Two

    August 3-4, 25NA

    The Heralds take their punts into the reclaimed sewer tunnels. Strange, aberrant creatures assault the party, made of sludge and swamp plants and empowered by flickering undead spirits.

    A crossroads in the tunnels …

  • Ruin part 3

    August 4-8, 25NA

    Grendel's lair is full of massive alligators and dark waters.  The dragon waits to strike for a short while, but when he does the party matches the beast's savagery with their own determination.

    In the …

  • Iron Giant part 1

    With Grendel behind them and Desmond missing, the Heralds found themselves once again with the task of rescuing one of their own.

    Before they could go face Dialb, however, they were called back to Grayson.  The town's brightest had …

  • Iron part two

    August 13, 25NA

    The Heralds work their way through Dialb's keep, overcoming tricks and traps while attempting to stay ahead of the Fey Lord's servants.  The chase culminates in a confrontation in the throne room.

  • Pyramid

    August 14, 25NA - ???

    At the other end of the scroll lies a strange dark place, a tomb hidden somewhere in the Southern or Middle American lands.  Confrontation between an ancient undead wizard and the Blue Dragon, Sirocco, spills over …

  • Mortality

    Fall into Winter, 25NA

    A celebration in Ringing Hammer Hold goes well until the Heralds are called home.  Tragedy has struck: Queen Nancy has died while giving birth to her daughter, burned alive.

    Grayson falls into deep …

  • Holiday

    Winter 25NA to March 1, 26NA

    A visit from Nicholas brings a bit of cheer to the folk of Grayson.  He delivers gifts and advice to the Heralds.

    As the seasons begin to turn once more and a new spring the Heralds must plan their …

  • Atlantis, part one

    March 1-5, 26NA

    The return of Grumbar leads the party to believe that there is trouble brewing with the Illithids on Atlantis.  They start their path to investigate.  The good ship, Harold, captained by Matilda Swain, will take them …

  • Atlantis, part three

    The battle with the gigantic worm claims the life of Barry Downtoes, leaving only a few pieces of bone gathered by Iliken in the hopes of raising him as others have been.

    Joining forces with a group of renegade Githyanki, the Heralds …

  • Atlantis part 5

    March 7, 25NA

    The confrontation with the Elder Brain of the Illithid is hard fought.  The Brain's defenders battle fiercely to protect it.  The Brain itself is possessed of terrifying psychic powers, leaving members of the group …

  • Sigil, part One

    Oric and his followers take the Heralds out of Atlantis into the Astral sea.  The astral ship carries them safely out of the "Crystal Sphere" containing their world and into the "Phlogiston"-- a purplish mist that fills …

  • Sigil, part 2

    Gazaar the angelic proprietor of the House of Five Curtains, provides the party with much needed information on the city of Sigil and places one might travel to.  He also warns them that the path home is guarded by Arkahn and other servants of …

  • Shell Game part one

    March 14, 25NA

    The return to Grayson leads to reunions with not just family and the city, but with Eidyr, as well.  The Elven ranger has been waiting for them at the king's request.

    While waiting for the Herald's …

  • Shell Games, part two

    A three way confrontation between the heralds of the New Age, the kobold agents of Typhon, and Lady Alitmora (along with her ally Nalfeshnub) plays out well for the Heralds, until the arrival of the dragon.

    It would seem that the lure …

  • Lucky Rabbits

    The Heralds must confront John, soon to be known as John Rabbit, when they encounter him at Walter's tower.  Later they must track him down, since the power of a trickster might be required to open Columbia's cage.

    Each member of …

  • Big Apples, part one

    March 26, 25NA

    The Heralds, along with Eidyr, travel north to New York and their confrontation with Typhon. A few days into the trip, Eidyr uncovers the tracks of a band of Orcs which they track to Bedford, a small town in what was once …

  • Big Apples, part two

    With the defeat of the trolls, the Heralds come under fire by seemingly source less fireballs.  They retreat to the shelter of a ruin to discuss their plan, where they are joined by Quill and Lamplighter.

    A plan is formed to assault the …

  • Big Apples, part 3

    The inner tower is guarded by more fire giants and kobold cultists, which further test the Herald’s resolve.  Victory is a tedious affair, using resources the party might be able to afford to lose.  At last the final giant falls and the …

  • The Death of Typhon, Chosen of his Queen

    The Heralds and their allies have the floor ripped out from under them, dropping the entire group into the chamber below-- the lair of Typhon.  The only safe areas of the space are a few pieces of volcanic stone and a ridge of stone surrounding …

  • Desolation of the New Age

    March 28, 25NA

    The Heralds leave Typhon’s lair as dozens of red dragons surge up out of the lava pit, released into the world with the presence of their queen.  Later they will learn that this scene is repeated again and again at …

  • Home Page

    Twenty five years ago the machines stopped.  Giants battled over the ocean.  Outer and Inner worlds overlapped with the mortal realm.

    < …

  • Main Page

    h3. Welcome to your wiki! This is your wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for your wiki. From here you can begin organizing your campaign! To get you started, here are some examples of what you can do with the wiki. To see how these work, …

  • Grayson

    Grayson was a campground before the fall, now it is a thriving town with a population of around 5000 souls.  Predominately human, there are still a few representatives of the Elven, Dwarven, Halfling and Gnome communities.

    The town is …

  • Character Creation guideline

    Ability Generation:  

    You may assign the following numbers as you wish among your ability scores:. 15,14,13,12,10,8.


    Dwarves: both types of dwarves are found in Ringing Hammer Hold though …

  • Faith and the Gods

    Perhaps even more so than with users of arcane powers, divine casters are a rare breed.  Belief is not enough, a true Cleric is filled with a zeal unmatched in more common men.  It takes an iron will to channel the power of the divine through …

  • Arcane Powers

    Manipulators of the Arcane forces are rare and varied.  The power only returned with the gods, which has lead some to conclude that arcane power is merely another manifestation of the divine.

    The theory is further backed up by Warlocks.& …

  • Wizard's Tower

    Elves were the first to master the power of the Arcane in the New Age, and as was the mandate of Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, they are now attempting to pass the knowledge on to those who can learn.

    The tower stands nearly seventy feet …

  • Goliaths

    Goliaths, unlike Elves and Dwarves, came to Earth already formed.  They cannot recall the actual transition from one world to the next, but their people originate on the world of Jotunheim, an eternal winter populated by Giants, orcs and …

  • Arcanoi

    An organization of assistants connected to the  Wizard's Tower in Grayson and the household of Gwythr ap Llewelyn.

  • Grey Haven

    Grey Haven is the port city at the end of the Greywind River as it lets out into the large saltwater harbor.  Grey Haven, named by a fan of the works of an Old Age novelist, is a village that sprouted up when a need for ships and boats became …

  • Ringing Hammer Hold

    Grunr Stormborn lead his people to a place high in the mountains near the beginning of the New Age.  They were drawn to it like loadstone to iron and took to it like ducks to water.  Making and building are in the blood of dwarves and …

  • The Fading Spirit: Resurrection Rules

    If a character is dead, and a resurrection is attempted by a spell or spell effect with longer than a 1 action casting time, a Resurrection Challenge is initiated. Up to 3 members of the adventuring party can offer to contribute to the ritual via a …

  • Panthrow

    Large beast, unaligned

    STR 16(+3) DEX 16(+3)  CON 10(+0)

    INT 3(-4)  WIS 14(+2)  CHA 7(-2)

    CHALLENGE1/2 (100 XP)


  • Caliburn

    Requires Attunement by a Paladin

    This Silvery Longsword is carved with ancient marks of power along its length and has a crosspiece cut to resemble spreading bird wings

    Tier 3

    • Caliburn is +3& …

  • Raven's Coat of Feathers

    Requires attunement by a cleric or paladin of the Raven Queen.

    This suit of Plate Armor is covered with a series of white and black laminated feathers.

    Tier 3

    • Raven's Coat of Feathers is +3 Platemail
  • Traveller's Boots

    Requires attunement

    These well worn boots seem to have seen many miles of road.

    Tier 3

    • You gain a +3 bonus to Armor Class, and Dexterity and Constitution Saves.
    • When you take the Dash …

  • The Wyrm's Shell

    • Requires Attunement by a Dragonborn or Dragon Sorceror

    This fragment of fossilized egg must have once held a tremendous creature.  When the light catches it, a metallic sheen reflects in a rainbow of colors.

  • Black Whisper

    • Requires attunement from a Hexblade Warlock

    The black steel of this weapon seems to drink in the light around it.  The quillions and blade are decorated with black feathers and the hilt ends in a carved raven's …

  • The Stalker's Cloak

    Requires Attunement

    This cloak seems a little ragged at the edges but closer examination reveals that it seems to drift away in a gray mist.

    • You gain +2 on all Saving Throws
    • You have advantage on Dexterity ( …

  • Bruce Courdy

    Bruce Courdry ran with the Kingdom of Atlantia before the New Age. He was a card carrying tactical genius, having spent several years as a member of the Virginia National Guard and actually seeing action over four years in the Middle-East. He proved …

  • Gwythr ap Llewellyn

    Gwythr ap Llewellyn was born ten years before the New Age came. He was a sickly child, born with a birth defect that was on the rise in those days. A weakened immune system and low tolerance for sunlight made him more of an indoor kid. He was obsessed …

  • Aelwen

    Aelwen has kept her history from before the New Age to herself. She was among the first to join Gwythr's band, and even then was already in the process of creating her spellbook. Her power has grown since then, and now she might well be the most …

  • Grunr Stormborn

    Behind his back, Grunr is called the King of [[Ringing Hammer Hold | Ringing Hammer Hold]]. He neither confirms nor denies the title, instead seems to steadfastly ignore it. It cannot be denied that without his leadership there would be no Dwarfhold, …

  • Steve the Viking

    Steven was one of two Vikings encountered by Desmond and Iliken on their journey from Woodhall to Grayson. The two were on the run from Rapid Run after a failed raid.

  • William Black

    William Black was sent to guide the party in a trip to investigate cattle thefts. Black was killed by Poison Frog Goblins. October 18, 24 NA

  • Gregory Jansen

    Gregory Jansen was, and is, a minister of the Baptist Faith before the fall. Even he admits that he might have occasionally been a bit too easy around the bottle, and in his younger days was a bit freer with his hands than ought to have. Now he is an …

  • Grumbar Brightaxe

    Grumbar came to the town of Grayson with his lord, Grunr Stormborn, when they allied with the humans to recover the kidnapped women. Grumbar was already espousing a faith in the returned gods then, even calling down a miracle or two on that fateful trip. …

  • Oona Bristlebelt

    In just the twenty years that _her_ village has existed, Oona has buried two husbands, raised six children (her youngest daughter- Daise- has just turned sixteen, Her oldest twins were born just before the founding of the village and work as ambassadors …

  • Arno Foamingbrew

    He fought alongside [[:grunr-stormborn | Grunr Stormborn]] when the dwarves helped in the raid on Washington DC, but didn't return to Ringing Hammer Hold immediately, instead become the traveling companion of Ben Hartstringer - first husband of [[:oona- …

  • Annah Keencut

    Annah claims that the stone of mountains speaks to her, though she claims no clerical or magical prowess. The claim is backed up by the fact that her teams have brought back more valuable ore than any other. This has lead to her being appointed to head …

  • Danae Llewellyn

    Danae married Gwythr a few years ago, in a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance. She and her husband are treated as royalty by the elves of Caer Nimir, and they live up to the expectations of nobility. She is well loved by her subjects and …

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