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  • Fey Tales part 01

    October 29-30, 24NA

    The trip to the Greywood is cut off when a toxic cloud affects the party in their bird forms, forcing them to crash to the ground in the remains of a recent battle.  While attempting to determine what happened, …

  • Fey Tales part two

    October 30, 24NA

    The Fey Knight Dialb offers to turn over the fingerleaves if the party retrieves three stones for him from remote places he either can't or doesn't want to go.

    Each door is marked by a strange symbol. & …

  • Trek

    March 25-May 29, 25NA

    The Heralds manage to escape pursuit by Wendigo when another dragon interferes.  The Red Dragon, Typhon, assaults Wendigo over territory dispute.  The dragons battle covers the party's escape.

    The …

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