Welcome to the New Age

Ravens part two

The fight between the elves and the gnomes (along with the Heralds) is brutal.  Powerful magics are tossed back and forth and only their mage is able to escape.  T

Several of the leaders of the gnomes, as well as Dorian Wilks, are killed in the battle, but Aideen uses one of her most potent and dramatic spells to return life to Dorian and two of the gnomes, leaving all three and Bina in a shocked state.

The gnomes are convinced to travel to Grayson, with a letter of introduction form the party, and become allies of the kingdom.

The Heralds travel with Dorian towards the Ogrefen and the Tower of the Mage…

Ravens part one

July 25, 25NA

In the aftermath of the the death of Wendigo, the Heralds must decide whether to push on after Typhon's claim that Grayson was in danger or take a well earned rest.  Luckily they were able to get the aid of a cleric in Caer Nimir who sent a message to King Bruce, letting the party know that while a dragon, the black one, had attacked the town they had driven it off.

With the decision made to head south towards the possibility of confronting the Black Dragon, Grendel and in making contact with the wizard Walter (on the way to the Keep of Ravens) the party takes a rest at Caer Nimir.

Gareth finds his rest interrupted as Samuel's last words come to him.  He pleads with Gareth to take the sword and rescue "her".  Pelinea, the cleric that aided them earlier performs a ritual of Commune with her patron, giving some clues as to what his cryptic message might mean.

The group then uses the wand of Circle of Teleportation to travel back to the tree lair of the mountain trolls.  The lair is overrun by strange, hunched pale gnomes from deep below the mountains.  Escaped slaves from DOSA's great machine underground.  According to Bina- the gnomes' leader- this machine drinks up the red hot blood of the earth for some purpose as yet unknown.  They were slaves to the strange elves who ran the machine.

Just as they seem to begin to reach an understanding as to an agreement between the gnomes and the people of Grayson, the meeting is interrupted by three strange elves and an odd blue and white spider of immense size, who seem to have captured Dorian Wilks, as the man is dropped unceremoniously to the chamber floor.

Beasts part four
Winter Falls

July 24, 25NA

The Heralds confront the Cannibal Winter Wind in its lair.  The wyrm targets Ta'losh heavily beginning a powerful exchange of draconic power versus draconic power.

The beast falls under the powers arrayed against it, releasing its essence into the victors.  But even as the group took a few moments to try and gather the beast's remains, Typhon appeared.

"Two down, but scurry home and you might catch a third!"

Is Grayson in danger?

Beasts part three

The Heralds and their new companion, Eidyr, face off against the orcish bear cavalry and the chieftain- a deadly combatant.

The fight stirs the ire of the dragon, though, and it brings the entire Orc village down into the mountain.

Samuel displays a power that seems to catch even him by surprise,rescuing the party from certain death from the fall and passing a strange power into the party, leaving them renewed and refreshed to face the Cannibal Wind of Winter: Wendigo…

Beasts, part two

The Burning Eyes camp proves itself resourceful and enthusiastic in its response to the Herald's attacks.

After luring a patrol out to investigate a campfire and killing them, the Herald's find themselves the targets of burning catapult shot.  Getting away out from under fire the party makes their way into the camp itself.  Desmond has a climbing mishap, but they get under cover before the orcs investigate the scene (the party watches as Eidyr destroys that crew by himself with only three arrows).

Then they hit catapult while moving through the camp — Declan and Eidyr travel stealthily to the catapult and Declan destroys it by detonating the three pitch filled cars — the resulting explosion kills the crew, which includes an Illithid who may or may not have been a captive of the orcs.

The rest of the team is heading towards one of the buildings when they hear the rumble of the dragon's voice from under the mountain… 

Beasts part one
Along the Black Road

July 17-24, 25NA

The Heralds travel up the road to Caer Nimir and meet with Gwythr ap Llewellyn to plan their trip into the Burning Eye territory.  They are introduced to Eidyr, a Lord Scout-Commander and the most familiar ranger with the area the party is going into.  Eidyr will travel with them into the orc's territory.

Supplied and prepared as best they could be, the Heralds move into mountains.  Eidyr leads them parallel to the stretch of the Black Road that runs throughout the Burning Eye Orc lands.  On the second day of travel they catch sight of Wendigo battling a massive, primal bear along one of the mountain paths.  The dragon is even more impressive looking, more dangerous looking.  More deadly.

Two days before reaching the tribe's lands, they encounter a party of orc's leading the remnants of the Leaping Peaks Herd of Goliaths— enslaved and carrying the corpses of their family to the orc's stewpots.  The four Goliaths are cautious in trusting their rescuers but upon learning the party intends to attack the orcs, ask to come along and end their herd in a fashion worthy of remembering.

Gateway part 4
Seige Breakers

July 16-17, 25NA

The fight with the command staff for the Summer Fey siege is bitter and fierce and the reinforcements of the Fey Blackguard and his archers doesn't make victory any more assured.

Still, the Heralds pull off a hard won victory that forces the Eladrin priest to escape, taking one of the archers with him.  The siege is broken and the remnants flee the gate.

Porth Mynydd is saved.  Bregon Llyrick comes forth to thank his new lord and his companions for the rescue.  The party is able to rest in the fortress town overnight, being feasted and celebrated before the coming trek up the mountains to Caer Nimir.

The War chest from the invaders is presented to Gareth for his inspection before being taken to cover the cost of repairs at the gate.  There is a hint of strain between some party members over the cash.

The next morning the party is ready to set forth for Caer Nimir and the next stage of the journey.

Gateway, part three

July 16, 25NA

The battle for Porth Mynydd wages on.  The Heralds confront an assault by elite soldiers, including a Knight on a demonic horse.  Routing the last of that group's archers, they move on to confronting a group of demons.

Meanwhile their own troops take down a savage cyclopean giant and a crew of centaurs, taking only minimal damage.  But the next opposition for them is a black knight and a crew of hardened soldiers.

Now nothing stands between the Heralds and the command tent… Who knows what waits them there…?

Gateway part two

July 15-16, 25NA

Fey Touched dinosaurs and iron booted redcaps prove not to stand in the way of the Heralds of the New Age.

The next day, scouts report a battle taking place outside of Porth Mynydd- the gate is under siege 

Turning down an opportunity to surrender, Gareth leads his forces into the battle, hoping to take the less well protected command tent. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water are turned towards the forces of the newcomers…

Gateway, part one
Walking with Dinosaurs

July 5-15, 25NA

Black Mantle is dead, and the threat she represented to the town of Grayson is no more.

But for the Heralds of the New Age, their challenges in the Upside Down were not over.  The proposed exit in the graveyard proved to be possible, as it represented a sort of thin point between the Upside Down and the world they knew.

Working together, Aideen and Gareth moved the others through the thin place, but in doing so, they attracted the attention of the undead that haunt the graveyard. From there, things got complicated as the passage back to Grayson became more difficult and the two would up sealing themselves on the other side with the horde of ravening undead and something else.  Something that knew who Gareth was, taunting him in elvish about a sword that he would not let Gareth claim.

Meanwhile, the rest of their group,fearing for the safety of Aideen and Gareth, alerted Grumbar about the situation, and he left in a burst of magic.

Just as the deadly undead knight was nearly upon them, Grumbar appeared and sent them home.  But he doesn't follow…

The party mourns what seems to be the loss of Grumbar Brighthammer and the next few days involve some time to reflect on what has happened to everyone.

But soon enough, it is time to send the party off on their next journey, to deal with the White Dragon, Wendigo.  King Courdry asks that they escort reinforcements for the Parth Mynydd, the elvish settlement that guards the pass up to Caer Nimir.

Part of their departure includes some rewards for the services the party has given the community and the burgeoning community:  land to build a keep on, and a seat at the council table when their other duties allow.

After several days of travel, the small army finds itself less than a day from their destination when strange giant bipedal reptiles appear, carrying deadly fey to the attack!


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