Welcome to the New Age

Agendas, Epilogue

Hitting Rock Bottom

February 25-March 1, 25NA

James Anderson, Jr. Seems to exhibit no remorse over the death of his family and hints to the group about being pushed to act by a mysterious benefactor.

Still, no one seems to know where Nancy Healy is, so the Heralds arrange travel to Tillman's Port with a barge captain named named Ellen Harp.  On the evening before the party ought to arrive at Tillman's Port the barge is attacked by strange creatures, large multi legged reptiles that seem to transform their victims to stone with a look.  Captain Harp and her crew are petrified but the party is victorious.


The last time I was this hurt and confused, Mother was telling me that Declan wasn’t going home to Tillman’s Port with us – he was staying behind to go to the Tower. I knew I was supposed to be happy for him, that he would be learning something he was excited to learn, but at the same time, I was losing my best and oldest friend. He wasn’t even going to be allowed to come home for a visit for at least a couple years – an eternity from my perspective.

At the time, I think I pushed Mother away and ran off, sobbing, it was hard to look to her as a source of comfort when she was – in my eyes – part of the reason for my pain.

Now, I just want to know that she’s safe. It hasn’t been her, this whole time. She wasn’t even the one who sent me off to keep an eye on Declan months and months ago. I’ve had so many conversations with her, relied on her so much… and it wasn’t even her.

And that… thing, that vile, awful, creature, took so much damn pride in what he’d done. He almost oozed smug, and lorded over us – all of us, the trick he’d pulled.

And his attitude worked, I felt foolish, angry, confused, sad…. all of it, all at once. It was too much, and Declan and I could only take so much before we fled to the inn to drown some of those feelings,

It was there, an hour or so later, that the rest of the group tracked us down and told us they had hired a barge to take us all to Tillman’s Port. Before we left, though, that… thing… had one more thing to say to us.

“French lessons.” He said, and continued. “You go have a look, if you have questions when you come back, I’ll answer them then.”

With that vague message rattling around in our alcohol-sodden brains, we were off.

To home.

Agendas, Epilogue

Tillman’s Port…


But is it? I’ve been gone for more than half my life. And now, to know that it hasn’t even been mother for all this time…

What do I do? What do I say?

And that creature, so fascinating, so bizarre. What could “French lessons” mean?

I enjoy a mystery, but there are too many unanswered questions.

Agendas, Epilogue

“We decided after the weirdness in Grayson to head to the Healy’s home. Gareth went to hire a boat while I collected the two off them. On the way along the river we ran into strange creatures that turned the crew into stone.”

Agendas, Epilogue

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