Welcome to the New Age

Unification part two

Tea with the Finnegan

May 30-31, 25NA

Ringing Hammer Hold and Caer Nimir are determined to make Bruce Courdry into a monarch.  Some people think is funny but Bruce seems overwhelmed.  

Bridges are mended between the Healy twins and their mother.  Though worries abound about the child Nan Healy is carrying.

Though there is debate about the course of action the Heralds might take, they once again agree to take on the path that will lead to a confrontation with Wendigo.  Samuel tells them about a Depp Clan stronghold on the island of Tortuga that might have the Sword of Sigurd on it.  The weapon supposedly killed a dragon in legends, so it feels like a good lead to everyone.  Samuel says that he knows of a Druid raising giant eagles who might lend them the use of his birds.  Baldric insists that he must go with them.

As the days continue, Declan expresses some connection to Mrs Finnegan, who worries about the group understanding where her loyalties lie.  When the two share a cup of tea, Mrs Finnegan seems to succumb to a deadly poison. Under her cup, Declan sees the number "2"…


It had been a whirlwind couple of days. Mother was back, or at least someone everyone was as sure as they could be was her. She was most convincing, to me, when she smacked us with a spoon after Declan said that she hadn’t reacted like he thought she would to his change in appearance.

It will take some time, I think, for us to fully trust it… but it was a start. She understood that it’s hard, but as she said, she can’t just walk on eggshells until we make up our minds. It felt like Mother… but it’s going to take a bit for my heart to catch up.

Declan and I had dinner with she and Bruce, and it was a little awkward, but it was already starting to get a little easier. I brought along a set of tools in case no one had managed that yet, in all the chaos, but she had insisted Bruce bring her some. So that’s alright.

The next day, we went as a group to talk to Samuel. He suggested that the fabled Sword of Sigurd might be the weapon we need, and if he had tracked it correctly, it was in the possession of Greybeard Seaworthy, in Tortuga, in Florida. He had a steep price, though – he wants the sword after we kill Wendigo, or we must help him kill his own target if we wish to keep the weapon.

Back home, Baldric insisted he accompany us, and when it was clear that there was no dissuading him, we decided it was easier to just allow it. The rest of the group split off to buy provisions and run a few last-minute errands, leaving Declan and I in the house with Mrs. Finnegan.

He went into the kitchen to have a chat with her, but it wasn’t long before there was a crash. I ran in to see her on the floor, Declan in shock by her side. I looked between the two of them, unable to come up with anything to say.

And then something washed over his face… a change of expression, a frightening look of purpose in his eyes.

“I’m going to kill her” he stated, flatly “I’m going to end this now.”

“Declan, no… you can’t”. I tried to reason with him, tried to stand in his way, tried everything I could. In the end, all I could do was follow in his wake, hoping that I could either make him see reason or help him find his vengeance.

Unification part two

“King” Bruce is a fucking coward. Whether he’s unwilling or just afraid, he’s allowed his ex-wife’s criminal behavior to run rampant in Grayson.

I’m not going to live in terror, nor will I allow others to suffer (especially for my transgressions.

It’s really as simple as this:

What are we fighting for if we allow this to go unchecked?

I’m going to kill Black Mantle, or I’m going to die trying.

Unification part two

“The leaders of the dwarves and elves came to ask the mayor to become the unified leader of the area. He decided the town was right and plans on calling a vote to allow the town to make the call.”

Unification part two

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